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Free Play Video Poker – What You Need To Know Before Playing This Exciting Online Game

There are many sources available today to help you learn free play video poker, and obviously some are more valuable than others. As this game becomes more popular around the world today, the demand for how to play it is growing seemingly every single day, and there certainly is no shortage of info claiming to help you become a better player.

First of all, video poker can either be played on the internet or at a casino. It originated as a video poker casino game, but lately the internet has become an extremely popular place to play this type of poker, and millions of people have flocked to the net to start playing it in recent years. However, casino gambling video poker is still very popular as well.

With these games, bandar qq online you can either play against other players or a computer; if you go up against a computer, it will contain thousands if not millions of card combinations. Remember, the ultimate goal is to end up with the best hand.

If you wan the absolute most popular online poker game today, flush certainly is king. In fact, annually the World Series of Poker contestants are determined via this game, so if you consider yourself a skilled flush player, you just might find yourself in Vegas competing at the highest level this year.

Remember, when it comes to online poker, there are many different varieties available for you to play today. Whether it be deuces wild, jacks are better, double bonus, video poker, Texas Hold Em, etc, there are many varieties of the game of poker being player over the net today.

Here is an important tip to keep in mind before you start putting your own money on the line with free play video poker games. First of all, each game contains a different money give out for different combinations of poker cards.

For instance, some machines will give you up to nine credits for just a one credit bet if you should get a full house. Of course, there are others that will only give you seven or eight, and some even less than that. It all depends on where you play, because obviously you want to maximize your return on investment. If you are playing online, try and find the sites that will give you the biggest bang for the buck; there’s no sense in taking less than you have to.

Also, if you play on paying this game in a casino, it all depends on how much you bet for how much you will get back. Keep in mind that some of these casino games will even give you permission to place bets for up to one hundred credits on a single hand, if you so choose.

One quick tip: if you plan on playing online, remember that there are a ton of websites that offer the ability to play online poker, and obviously some are much better than others. Simply read reviews of the top sites at poker review sites (yes, there are sites specifically for this purpose) and find the top ones to play against. Look for very popular sites that have a ton of players that play at them, because this way it’s much easier to find a game where the players are at your skill level.

Also, avoid playing for too much money, at least at first; build up your skills first and only then should you start risking your own capital. A great way to improve your skills is to read how to information on this subject, by people who have already done it successfully.


Strengthening Your Intuition

There are ways to strengthening your intuition. Believe it or not, everyone has this ability. This gift that you travel with in life is really a magical thing that can guide you to safety, to the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, to someone’s intentions, get paid for pictures of your body and even what clothes to wear. Another way to say it is that your intuition, when paid attention to, is a way to move through life with much more ease and grace.

Let’s face it life has many ups and downs. If you’re disconnected from yourself, meaning you walk through day to day life in a fog or totally absorbed in the thoughts of your mind, life’s choices may seem to be harder to make. When choices are harder to make, sometimes then they aren’t made at all making life confusing and frustrating keeping you stuck.

Your intuition is not only about generalities such as reading someone else’s thoughts or the feelings in the moment. Intuition is deeper than that. It is being able to sense or feel with the higher part of your mind. When you use your intuition, you are able to connect with another persons higher mind no matter who they are or where you are. Intuition gives you the whole picture. It allows you to see beneath the surface while directing you as to what to do with what was uncovered. Intuition gives you self-direction. Buy mdma

It’s important to rely on your own intuition than anything else in the world, so master it.

1.) Begin by being aware of your body. Focus in to your heart or stomach area. I prefer the heart area. This is one action that many of us don’t do. We are so far removed from our body’s that when we do focus in we are amazed to find pains, stiffness, tinglings, numbing etcetera happening constantly. If you’ve never been connected to your body this action may be one that you should grow used to, first. e-girlheaven

2.) Meditation is a way to get connected with your higher mind. Start anywhere for any length of time. When you feel ready, increase the time. Pema Chodron is a wonderful Buddhist nun that describes meditation in such a humorous and realistic way that even a beginner would want to try it. I highly recommend any of her audio recordings.

3.) When you are in the presence of someone, get present with yourself and your body, first. When you are in this state of presence, you will be able to pick up (to sense and feel) what is coming through; what energy or vibrations are permeating (flowing) through you. Notice them.

4.) If you feel comfortable to ask, then ask the other person if your feelings are correct. They may say yes and they may say no. It they say yes, aniioki then hurray! Acknowledge this accomplishment within yourself to strengthen your intuition.


What to Look For Before Playing in an Online Casino Site

Before choosing an online casino to play in, you have to keep some things into consideration in order to have the best experience and also get value for your money. Here are the top things to consider:

1. Know the maker of the software used in the online casino. The top casino software makers include Boss Media, Microgaming, RTG, Net entertainments, Playtec, and Cryptologic. Most reputable casinos use software from these companies as they have become trusted with time and are usually reliable. They also do not come cheap and any online casino using these is likely to be a highly reputable one.

2. Find out about the customer care support offered by the online casino. You should be able to reach the support team easily and through different methods. There should be options form emailing, calling as well as live chat. The support should also be available 24 hours a day, all through the week. To find out how reliable the support team is, email them and check how long they will take to get back to you. https://www.horalife.co/https://mytechhubgh.com/https://incomesigns.com/ https://garagedoormasterskc.com/ https://moneta-fx.com/ http://rarechemsonline.com/ https://kayak-tenerife.com/ https://www.animeheros.co/ https://swatoptics.com/ https://rtpslotkey4d.com/ https://garagedoormasterskc.com/

3. Find reviews on the casino from different players and casino review websites. You can interact with other players on casino forums where you can learn which are the most trusted online casino websites. You will also get a lot of tips and advices on how to play and win games.

4. Before settling on the casino where you will be playing, you have to know the graphical interface that the casino games have. You may not prefer playing flash or Java games either because you have graphical software that you like or for different reasons. Download demos of the games offered at the online casino to determine whether you will enjoy playing them when you decide to play for money.

5. Check out when is the set payout amount and period of the casino. While some casinos will offer you your winning in 24 hours, other take weeks or months. Also, the minimum payout varies from casino to casino. Some offer payouts of $5,000 while other require you to accumulate up to $15,000 before you can request payout.

6. Finally, read the Terms and Conditions of the casino. Know how regular bonuses are offered and what is the criteria of redeeming bonuses. Find out whether the bonuses can be exchanged for cash or freerolls, and know what the casino’s policy is in case of a standstill. Use the bonuses to your advantage to get more plays or accumulate different points offered by the casino.

Before you start playing at an online casino, do enough research to ascertain its legitimacy. Do not be fooled by the cool websites and big bonuses available. First, find a reputable online casino and then you can start analyzing it based on your preferences and what it offers. Also, before you start paying for money, ensure you understand the rules of the game as regards to playing and making your payments.

Casino Comps and One-Card Clubs

I do not understand why all casino players don’t sign up for a Club Card or a One-Club Card for a group of casinos at every casino they visit. What are your objections? Is it getting on a mailing list, receiving junk mail, too much hassle or concerns about your privacy? Let us take these objections one at a time.

Here’s the worst thing that can happen to you–you get ‘junk mail’ for free rooms or low rates, free food, cash voucher, birthday greetings plus promotional news. I will take that junk anytime!

Gosh, you have to schlump (is that a word?) over to the casino promotions booth to sign-up and most of the time you get a free gift, cash-food voucher or a casino promotion specifically for new members.

Is that any more hassle that going to your bank or lifting up your mattress when you are gathering your gambling bankroll for a casino visit? ufabetting8m4.com

Easier still and to avoid schlumping, head for your favorite casino website and sign-up online.

Speaking of the internet, most online casinos have jumped on the comps bandwagon with Players Club, Cash Back Programs and Percentage Bonus offerings–a www comp benefit.

An additional benefit and time-saver is to sign up for one-card to use at a group of casinos. I have provided a Listing of 9 US Casino Cards Merged.

The current and lasting trend is to combine several casino properties under one named Slot Club Card to form a MegaClub. Use your card at all participating casinos to gather points.

For further details of participating casino locations, I suggest you search the internet or contact any one of the casinos in the group. This list is current at the time of writing but may change.

1) Harrah’s–Total Rewards: Harrah’s properties plus Showboat Casino, AC, Harvey’s Casino, Lake Tahoe and Rio Casino, Las Vegas.

2) Park Place–Connection Card: Includes Bally’s, Caesars, Grand Casinos, Flamingo, Paris and Hiltons.

3) Isle of Capri–Isle One: All properties

4) Mandalay Resorts–One Club: Includes properties in Vegas, Reno, Detroit and Tunica.

5) MGM Mirage Card: Includes properties in Vegas, Detroit, Biloxi and Laughlin.

6) Station Casinos–Boarding Pass: Includes 7 properties.

7) Fiesta–Amigo Club: Fiesta Henderson and Las Vegas.

8) Ultimate Rewards Club: Arizona Charlie’s East and West, Las Vegas

and the Stratosphere, Las Vegas.

9) Coast Clubs in Vegas: Includes 5 properties.

You are adding to your precious bankroll by participating in the casino club. Cash back, free food and rooms–all monies that you can add to your gambling pot.

Further, as far as privacy–well wake up to the real world–we lost that years ago.

You cannot hide within this wired and wireless world. (that is www to you).

Of course, you do not have to divulge private information and yes, casinos are tracking your play but that’s to determine your qualifications for the many benefits of the card, not to spy on you.

I received an e-mail from a reader who frequents casinos and has never signed up for a slots card and wanted to know how.

My reply: make a beeline for the promotions booth in any casino or the casino site and sign up now.

Let us all take a moment of silence for the points and freebies this reader and others have not received. Yikes, I cannot do it–it hurts my thrifty heart too much–ouch!

Casino Parties – Casino Gaming For Fun and Profit

A casino party is a great theme for any event. Casino gaming is rapidly expanding across the United States. The concept of casino gaming is very entertaining and you can easily adapt casino gaming as entertainment at the next event you plan.

A casino party is a mock casino event that incorporates the concept of casino gaming as entertainment at any event you’re planning.

People like to play casino games. Generally they are reluctant to put their own money on the line to enjoy the experience. So, when you add casino entertainment to your event you’re giving your guests an activity that they will enjoy and one that will make your event memorable.

In the case of a fund-raising event your event being memorable is very important since you want to ensure repeat attendance at other events you may present in the future.

Many of the guests at your event will have minimal casino playing experience. A casino party is a great way to learn the games. Guests are given a scrip bank and play for prizes provided by the host.

Generally, the house rules, created by your casino committee, are more lenient than official casino play. After all, your mission is to provide entertainment for several hours. All game rules can be manipulated in favor of the players to add more excitement to your event. Remember, this is not a cash bank. The guests are given worthless scrip to play with as part of their admission package. Since you are not making money from the gaming (sorry, but that is illegal in most places), you can afford to loosen up the games and give your players a fantasy experience which they will remember for months to come. ufabetventuresum3.com

Wherever in the world you are, parties are generally the same. You have a reason to gather guests together to celebrate and then you decide where to hold your event and what to feed your guests. Along with that you decide on entertainment.

Entertainment can be a difficult decision because you don’t really know what might or might not appeal to your guests. A band is always a popular choice because most people enjoy listening to music, but what kind of music will appeal to your group. A comedian? Well, that depends on whether or not you can find one whose routine doesn’t rely on four letter words. As you go down the list, each form of entertainment will be lacking because nothing encompasses the entire group.

No so with a casino party. A mock casino party usually enjoys a 90% (or higher) participation rate from the guests. Doesn’t seem to make much difference who the group is, what the economic level is or where the party is. From the time the guests arrive and the casino games start until the close of the gaming, the guests are on their feet, moving from table to table, enjoying the different games. The guests are enjoying a level of interaction you will not achieve with any other type of entertainment.

Casino gaming (as entertainment) is a sure winner for any event in your future. Deciding to add entertainment to your event is only the first step. The second step needs to be to choose an entertainment vehicle that will appeal to the majority of your guests.

Overview of Free Casino Play Concept

For most people, the casino is only a place frequented by a few ‘rich people’ seeking to play with their money, and possibly increase it exponentially with the right mix of luck and skills. People without much money have therefore tended to stay away from casinos, out of the feeling that the casinos were simply not meant for them. Indeed, there is a school of thought who for long held and popularized the notion that you could never ‘get anything for free from a casino’ until the concept of free casino play came up.

The way the casino free play concept works is such that the players get the opportunity to start playing in the games that the casino offering such ‘free casino play’ might be having – which could be anything from the popular roulette to blackjack, video poker or slots – absolutely free of charge (without demanding any initial deposit, for instance), and in most cases, with the potential to win real money from their play should their skill and luck combination carry the day for them. ufabettindoum3.com

To be sure, most casinos operating under the free play casino concept offer it with limits, so that the free play opportunity is limited to so many dollars, for instance. Upon the end of a member’s casino free play dollars, they are typically required to start depositing money into their account with the casino, for them to continue playing.

Contrary to what many people image when they first hear about the free casino play concept: that the players playing with the free casino money have lower chances of winning that those playing with real money, the true position is that the people playing with the free casino money have as good chances of winning as the people playing with real money. The idea that the people playing under the casino free play system have lower chances of winning probably stems from our ingrained tendency to treat ‘free things’ with suspicion; which in some cases is unwarranted.

Arguing that the people playing under the casino free play system have lower chances of winning their game is the same, in a way of speaking, as arguing that the students learning under a scholarship (which most institutions offer for free) have lower chances of being employed upon finishing their studies: which is obviously a fallacy! Arguing that the people playing under the casino zero deposit system have lower chances of winning than people playing with real money they have deposited in the system is also like saying that the ‘free samples’ offered by various companies are faulty products, which is obviously a fallacy, since it is in every company’s best interests to ‘put its best foot forward’ when trying to attract new ‘customers’ through such free samples.


Expert Review – Rushmore Online Casino

Rushmore Casino is owned by Isagro Holdings Ltd, which is the same company that owns the Cherry Red and other such famous casinos. The casino operates out of Malta and is licensed in the same country. They are one of the few online casinos that still accept players from the US. Rushmore Casino has a striking website which is laid out in maroon and red. The homepage is centered on a large revolving roulette wheel. With a simple and user-friendly layout, the casino is extremely easy to use, and this is one of its best features. Being targeted at the English speaking nations, the Rushmore casino is available only in one language, English.


Real Time Gaming Software powers the workings of the Rushmore Casino. The games at this casino are either available on a free download that takes a couple of minutes to complete, or players can choose to play the instant play version which requires no downloading. Real Time Gaming was launched in 1999, and since then it has built a great reputation among online casino players as well as the casinos themselves. The company is based in Costa Rica and Atlanta and is famous for their wonderful animation and graphics, which alone make them one of the best software providers for casinos. RTG also provides its players with a massive selection of games, and are particularly famous for the “Real Series” line of slot games. ufabetvoicem3.com

Payment Modes

The Rushmore Casino deals only in US Dollars, although players can make deposits in any currency that will automatically be converted into USD. They accept payments made by direct options like Visa, MasterCard and Bank Draft. They also accept EcoCard, Click2Pay, myCitadel and Wire Transfer.


To protect their customers, the Rushmore Casino secures all customer transactions with a 128 Bit SSL Digital Encryption method. This system is up to industry standards, and is a very effective way of protecting data. In addition, the casino also has in place a fraud detection system that is state-of-the-art. This ensures that every game that is played at the Rushmore Casino is clean.


At the Rushmore Casino, they believe that their players should enjoy a glitch-free experience. To ensure this, they have put together a wonderful customer support team that is well trained, and equipped to handle every kind of customer query. This team works around the clock, through the year and can be contacted either by phone, email or by chatting with a representative online.

Games Available

At the Rushmore Casino, patrons can find a huge variety of games that range from table games like Craps and Blackjack to Poker games, slot games, video poker games and much more. These games are well arranged to ensure that players do not have a problem finding their favourites. With over 80 games available at this online casino, it is definitely a treat for online gamblers from around the world.

Find a Good Online Casino For Yourself

Online casino appears to be the most alluring and enticing option in the modern day gambling scene. When you look for the ideal way to play some of the favorite casino games, the online betting sites comes up as the most favorite option for playing with convenience and ease.

Today, online casino gambling offers you a number of popular games that you would like to play and at the same time earn a lot of money. However, it often becomes difficult to involve with the best sites to enjoy online gambling.

If you browse through the internet, you will come across a lot of online casino sites offering a range of gaming options for their players. It is a fact that these days you will also find a number of rogue casino sites as well. Many a times, the number of rogue casinos surpass the total number of the good ones. This is where you have to ensure to select a right site to get started with your game.

With the presence of a large number of online casino sites, it often becomes difficult to select the right site. Here comes certain important points that you should consider before selecting any particular site:

Online Casino Authorization: Currently, most online casino sites include a Seal of Approval issued by the concerned authority. E-COGRA is one such legal entity that offers authorization to most internet casinos considering their individual functioning and other features given on offer for players. Additionally, online casinos operating in different countries require authorization of the government under its area of operation. For more assistance, you can check out different Internet forums and other recognizable portals on gambling to gather information about the credibility of the site. ufabettinam3.com

Online Casino Games on offer: The next most important thing to consider while finding a good casino is to look for the different games on offer. Choose a site that offer your favorite online betting games. It may be slot machines, poker, roulette, baccarat or something else. With the availability of the number of games, it becomes easier for you to select one and start playing. The presence of a range of games do not make you feel bored at any time.

Online Bonuses and promotions: When you look for online casino gaming sites, one thing that you should look for is good sign up bonuses. The welcome or sign up bonuses form to be the best attraction of any online gambling site. It forms as a basic incentive from where players can make more money. With the sign up bonuses, you can look for the ones that might have seen difficult for you to earn at some point of time.

Special games and tournaments Online: This is another factor that players should consider when looking for good online casino to play. These days casino online betting brings you a number of opportunities to make use and to earn more. Try and find those online betting sites that offer free buy ins, special bonuses and great competitions together with the games.

Casino Payouts Online: When you select to play in an online casino site that pays you well, you should always look for something extra on offer. Bonuses are not all that are offered online, you will get good number of jackpots including massive payouts.

These are some of the important things that you require to check out before joining an online casino. To sum up, ensure to select a legitimate site and ensure a fair play in return.

Resource Box: Freda Raphael is an online gaming enthusiast. She includes a better knowledge of the online betting world. She offers an in depth knowledge on casino online betting for all gaming enthusiasts looking forward to know more about the thrilling world of online casinos.

Casino US Information

Casino US takes its name from the country whose casinos are famous all over the world, USA. Even though its name is dedicated to USA, it welcomes players from other countries and accepts US dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, South African rand, and the pound and euro currencies. Casino US is a member of the reputable Vegas Partner Group and is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). It is affiliated to eCOBRA which is an industrial association initiated by Price Water Cooper and Micro-gaming.

The casino uses micro-gaming software for its games, which is one of the oldest and most reputable gaming software in the world. It uses the new Viper Micro-gaming software, which is the latest version and has many more new features than the old version of micro-gaming like auto play, game statistics, game strategies etc. The software provides the platform for huge collection of games with new games being added every now and then. Casino US has more than 200 games, which include traditional casino games and contemporary games. All the games are categorized under headings like table games, progressive jackpots, video poker, video slots and reel slots. The graphics and sound quality of the games are excellent which gives the feel of a real casino to the player. The rules of the games are easy to understand and simple to play and the navigation system provides for smooth transition from one game to another. ufabetvillageum7.com

Casino US players have the option of choosing between two versions of the game – the flash version or the downloadable version. The flash version is beneficial for players whose computer are not compatible with the game software or have low speed internet connection. However, some games are not available in the flash version. Furthermore, the casino allows players to play for fun or with real money. New players who play with real money and sign up by opening an account in the casinos website are given free bonuses on the first time deposit made by them. The casino provides the players with 3 free bonus options:

· Free 300% matching bonus on a deposit of $10-$29 up to a maximum bonus of $30.

· Free 100% matching bonus on a deposit of $30-$284 up to a maximum bonus of $100.

· Free 35% matching bonus on a deposit of $285-$1000 up to a maximum bonus of $350.

Casino US provides several other promotion offers to all its casino players like

The casino gives 30 free spins on The Osborne’s Video Slot. However the players have to make a minimum deposit of $20 in order to qualify for free spin offer and keep the winnings.The casino give $1776 worth of free play without any deposit or risk to its players. The players get 60 minutes of free play and a chance to keep the winnings too.However in order to claim the winnings a minimum deposit of $20 must be made on which the casino further gives a free bonus of $100. The casino has a 4 tier VIP program with various benefits to its members. Members have to collect lounge points in order to stay or move up in the tier system.

The casinos 24/7 customer support system provides all the help needed by the casino players in case of any technical or financial problem and queries of all other sort. The support system is provided via emails and phone (toll free no of US players is 888-652-3987).They have 10 language support addresses and 15 toll free numbers of different countries in order to cater to the needs of casino players from different parts of the world.


Casinos Online and Terrestrial Casinos – An Overview

Both terrestrial casino and the casinos online have numerous advantages, depending on the requirement of the individual. Which casino is considered the best? If you shoot this question to the mass then you can expect three types of answers. Some will say they prefer terrestrial casino, on the other hand some will say they prefer online casinos. The rest will prefer to keep quite because they have never visited any casino.

Casinos online are of three types:

Web-based games – Here you do not have to download any software to play the game. You can just play it with the browser support. Though you can play it instantly but you might not get the same graphical effects. Additionally, it will also require a good bandwidth so that your game is spontaneous and does not suffer from intermittent connection.

Download to play games – To play a game of your choice, you will first have to download the game and install it in your computer. You can play the game on your computer after downloading it and can also stay connected with the casino server. The games will have better features and visual effects to improve your gaming experience. The cutting edge technology, applied to develop these games, are from well known reputed software companies who have applied their talent to give you the best. ufabettindoum7.com

Live casinos online – These type of casinos have an additional feature apart from the traditional cutting edge graphical representation. Here you can chat with other players while playing the game.

Thus, casinos over the web has a wide variety. But land based casinos generally cannot offer such variations.

No Distractions In Casinos Online

Generally, when you think of casinos, the first thing that flashes in front of your eyes is a noisy big mansion. In the big hall area, there are small tables placed here and there, maintaining some distance. Those tables are surrounded by people, forming small crowds. A lot of colorful lighting and chips are combined with people, shouting on top of their voice.

Moreover, in case of casinos online a player can get feel of “just like being there”. But it is still different because there will be no one to distract you. So you can properly concentrate in your game and give your best shot every time.

Saving Time & Energy

You do not require to travel. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This will save your time as well as money, which you generally spend during traveling. After your days work, it might not be a possible option for you to travel to a casino. But that does not mean that you will never be able to play casino games. The online casinos give the facility of playing casino games at our convenient time.

Attending Your Problem

In case of a terrestrial casino you will have a pit boss who will take care of your problems inside the house. In case of casinos online, you will have the customer service division who will take care of your problems.

Best Grand Canyon Spring Break Helicopter And Airplane Tours

Spring Break will be here with the April warm weather, and that means it’s time to start planning your vacation. Vegas is a fantastic Spring Break destination, and when you’re there, you can take an air tour of the Grand Canyon for even more fun. These tours fill up fast because they are so popular, so be sure to book yours as soon as you can.

Helicopter Tours Of The Canyon

You can take a helicopter tour of the South or West Rim. Vegas is close enough to the West Rim that the helicopters can make the round trip. If you want to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim instead, puertomaldonadotours you’ll have to add a plane flight from Vegas to the South Rim to your package since the South Rim is too far from Vegas for helicopters to make the whole trip.

You’ll even get an aerial view of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam when you fly out of Vegas since they are along the flight path to the Canyon. A helicopter can get to the West Rim from Vegas in under 45 minutes, and it takes an airplane about 60 minutes to fly to the South Rim so you can begin your tour there.

There are landing and air-only tours available to the West Rim. The air-only tour flies over the West Rim and lets you see all the amazing scenery there before circling back to Vegas. The landing tours are more comprehensive and give you the opportunity to see the Canyon up close. sport tape

One of the more popular tours lands on the Canyon floor after a thrilling descent inside the Canyon, and once it lands, you can enjoy a champagne picnic or a boat tour along the Colorado River. Another option is to land on top of the rim where you can visit the scenic lookout points. The Skywalk is also located on top of the West Rim. The Skywalk is a huge transparent viewing bridge that lets you stand 4000 feet above the bottom of the Canyon for one of the most thrilling views you’ll see anywhere.

Touring The South Rim

If you choose a South Rim helicopter tour, you’ll hop on the chopper right after you arrive from your plane ride out of Vegas. You can pick from one of two tours. There is a short tour that gives you 30 minutes of flight time, and a longer one that lasts for 50 minutes. The 30 minute tour flies from the South Rim over to the North Rim and then circles back. The longer tour goes to the North Rim too, but it also includes an added trip to the eastern boundary of the park. You’ll get to see nearly 75 percent of the entire National Park when you take the longer tour. The longer tour costs a little more, Jeeter but it is worth it because you get to see so much more of the park.

Making Water and Gas Line Repair Easy

The water and gas lines that provide our homes with natural gas and potable water are essential to our everyday lives, but their importance is often overlooked until they need maintenance. Gas lines allow us to cook and heat our homes, and lines bring clean, plumbing drinkable water into our homes to wash, cook and consume. While plumbing of one kind or another has been in existence for thousands of years, modern gas and water lines make our lives easier than ever. Because of this, it’s vital that these lines are maintained properly and repaired when necessary.

Water and gas line repair can be an expensive venture, but you can save significant time and money by making sure that you approach the problem in the correct manner. First of all, never try to perform any kind of gas or water line repair if you are not a trained and licensed professional. Attempting to work on gas and lines without experience can lead to serious damage, costly repairs and even injury to you or your family. Always call a professional whenever it comes to working on gas or water lines. goodspropertyservices

Secondly, make sure that you get more than one opinion when it comes to the best option to fix your broken gas or lines. Because this field of work is not understood well by many homeowners, it is possible for some companies to charge more than necessary to fix the problem. There is nothing wrong with calling several different companies to diagnose your gas or line problems and give you an estimate of what it will cost to fix things. Of course, you should only contact companies that provide free estimates.

Finally, 2oceansplumbing you should always remember that it may be necessary for you to pay a substantial amount of money to fix your gas and line problems. Once it has been established that your lines need to be repaired or replaced, you should never put it off if you have the money to fix the problem. By ignoring gas line and water line problems, you could put your home and even the health and safety of your family in jeopardy. While a fixing a clogged drain can be put off for several weeks, a broken gas or line needs to be attended to as quickly as possible.

In the end, madeesy you will probably never experience any kind of gas or line problem that will require you to spend your entire savings or take out a second mortgage. But being smart about how you tackle your gas or water line repair problem could save you plenty of time, money and stress when all is said and done.

World News Mixed As 2009 Ended and 2010 Started

Few can deny that 2009 was the year filled with rather doom and gloomy news. In fact, I believe the business world as well as Wall Street, businessinsidehttp://businessinside.com.au along with most US citizens were happy to see 2009 to go. When all the news is good, investors and consumers should not be so joyous and euphoria, but rather consider the reality that what everyone thinks the stock market will keep going up forever, that’s about the time it starts to crash.

For instance, firstpost when Silicon Valley got completely out of control and everyone thought the dot-com was the new utopian age, the bubble burst. And about the time that everyone started buying real estate in a feeding frenzy at the top of the market with no money down, aimsinstitute thinking they were going to make millions of dollars flipping houses, the whole thing game tumbling down, it’s like a child tipped over the checkerboard game.

This is why, I was rather optimistic when I noted that in the last couple weeks of 2009 – there were mixed news reports, some predicting a second coming, or double dip, while others were completely bullish. It’s easy to say in hindsight what would have seemed obvious back then, fitnessbuilder but that’s not really the case, and I’d like to go through some of the news events towards the end of 2009, the last couple weeks and explains some thoughts on some of these major headlines.

British Airways cabin crew unions are threatening a 12 day walkout over Christmas; which didn’t happen. Of course, it did happen around March 20, travelingplace 2010 and it sent BA’s stock into the sink hole temporarily. The airline industry has had a rough go of it, and it hardly matters which airline or part of the world, oh sure there have been one or two success stories in all this, but clearly no one has broken the speed record. Nevertheless, some airline stocks have soared off the bottom as profits climb off the bottom of the recession, you know like Ford and the Bank Stocks.

Also in the last few weeks of 2009, atotalnews Vice president Joe Biden said major innovation, green initiatives, will create jobs during his speaking tour, claiming the stimulus worked; and cited many jobs which have been created and many more, or quite a few more to follow. This is a positive spin on the economy from an administration that warned us of a double-dip if we didn’t stimulate and push up the economy. marketwatch24

The US dollar got a slight boost, oil was flat gold was down and Asian markets were also down. Like I said mixed economic indicators, which is better than all one-sided and the big fake out, catching businesses, investors, and job seekers off-guard. In fact during this period I noted a headline stating that: “Congress is considering passing a bill which would require cable companies to not raise the volume during advertisements.” Well, if that’s all Congress has to worry about, fashionhow that too is a good thing, as it means less meddling in important matters, less change means more stability and happier markets.

If you will recall North Korea’s currency was crashing and they were calling for strict curfews and considering revaluation of their currency. Which means economic sanctions and future efforts are working to negotiate favorably for a “No-Nuke” deal, again, less bad-news, more stability in foreign affairs, alastnews trade, and global economic conditions. Of course, there was some negative news from next door; Mexico’s debt was downgraded just above junk status from BBB+ to BBB, which is not good for us or Mexico. On the economic climate talk front we saw poorer nations joining in at Copenhagen to try to push the rich nations to give them money for the global warming damages they caused (supposedly), while this kept many smaller nations engaged on climate issues, it was one of those not so good stories, divisive and problematic. That’s okay; we’ll take the good with the bad.

During this time we also noted that Homebuilders confidence level was slightly lower, but about what was expected. And this is good, digital marketing as there were few doom and gloom predictions from economic experts in the sector, calling for another avalanche of challenges in real estate. In fact, one good piece of news was that the City Center in Las Vegas and the new casino was opening in the last week of 2009. – ARIA Casino – an $8.5 billion project; imagine that. One of the worst economically slammed areas is opening a new giant casino? That’s a good start to 2010.

On the consumer front, we noted that Best Buy beats earnings estimate in the third quarter of 2009, which was not expected. Extended warranty purchases were up 10% in Q3 and Q4 of 2009 according to the national retail Association in a report on auto sales. Christmas sales were basically flat, q-3 but not down, which was good news, very good news, signaling that 2010 would be a re-building year, instead of a disaster.

Why is all this important you ask?

Simple, because all good news is bad, and all bad news is scary. So, some good and some bad, means that in all the chaos and sector rotations, things are moving along as they should. Please consider this before your mind falls victim to the nay sayers and doom and gloom catastrophe crowd.

For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Terminal? Medical Building? Nursing Home? Hotel/Motel? Pharmacy? Bank facility? Sports and Entertainment Arena? Other? webuyhousessaltlake

A KEY to investing in commercial real estate is performing an adequate Due Diligence Investigation to assure you know all material facts to make a wise investment decision and to calculate your expected investment yield.

The following checklists are designed to help you conduct a focused and meaningful Due Diligence Investigation.

Basic Due Diligence Concepts:

Commercial Real Estate transactions are NOT similar to large home purchases.

Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer beware. sellfastarkansas

Consumer protection laws applicable to home purchases seldom apply to commercial real estate transactions. The rule that a Buyer must examine, judge, and test for himself, applies to the purchase of commercial real estate.

Due Diligence: “Such a measure of prudence, activity, or assiduity, as is proper to be expected from, and ordinarily exercised by, sellahousefastohio a reasonable and prudent [person] under the particular circumstances; not measured by any absolute standard, but depending upon the relative facts of the special case.” Black’s Law Dictionary; West Publishing Company.

Contractual representations and warranties are NOT a substitute for Due Diligence.

Breach of representations and warranties = Litigation, time and money.


The scope, intensity and focus of any due diligence investigation of commercial or industrial real estate depends upon the objectives of the party for whom the nevadacashoffer investigation is conducted. These objectives may vary depending upon whether the investigation is conducted for the benefit of (i) a Strategic Buyer (or long-term lessee); (ii) a Financial Buyer; (iii) a Developer; or (iv) a Lender.

If you are a Seller, understand that to close the transaction your Buyer (and its Lender) must address all issues material to its objective – some of which require information only you, as Owner, can adequately provide.


(i) A “Strategic Buyer” (or long-term lessee) is acquiring the property for its own use and must verify that the property is suitable for that intended use.

(ii) A “Financial Buyer” is acquiring the property for the expected return on investment generated by the property’s income stream, and must determine the amount, velocity and durability of the revenue stream. A sophisticated Financial Buyer will likely calculate its yield based upon discounted cash-flows rather than the must less precise capitalization rate (“cap rate”), and will need adequate financial information to do so.

(iii) A “Developer” is seeking to add value by changing the character or use of the property – usually with a short-term to intermediate-term exit strategy to dispose of the property; although, a Developer might plan to hold the property long term as Financial Buyer after development or redevelopment. The Developer must focus on whether the planned change is character or use can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner. A developer conducting due diligence will focus on issues involving market demand, access, Cashforhousesillinois use and finances.

(iv) A “Lender” is seeking to establish two basic lending criteria:

1. “Ability to Repay” – The ability of the property to generate sufficient revenue to repay the loan on a timely basis; and

2. “Sufficiency of Collateral” – The objective disposal value of the collateral in the event of a loan default, to assure adequate funds to repay the loan, carrying costs and costs of collection in the event forced collection becomes necessary.

The amount of diligent inquiry due to be expended (i.e. “Due Diligence”) to investigate any particular commercial or industrial real estate project is the amount of inquiry required to answer each of the following questions to the extent relevant to the objectives of the party conducting the investigation: Patriotcashoffer


1. Exactly what PROPERTY does Purchaser believe it is acquiring?

(a) Land?

(b) Building?

(c) Fixtures?

(d) Other Improvements?

(e) Other Rights?

(f) The entire fee title interest including all air rights and subterranean rights?

(g) All development rights?

2. What is Purchaser’s planned use of the Property?

Juicing As a Form of Weight Loss and Weight Management

Here I will focus on juicing as a way to help facilitate weight loss. First and foremost, juicing provides an opportunity for your body to take in a massive amount of nutrients in one sitting and with very little digestion involved. This means that your body will not be wasting energy attempting to digest your food, simpeldecoratie it will be ready for you to enjoy your day expending energy in whatever healthy, active way you see fit. Juicing provides all the nutrients a body needs and does not use unnecessary energy in the process of absorbing those nutrients, which only means more energy and motivation to get out and move that body. Movement is a proven means of dropping unwanted pounds; the more you move, the more you lose.

  1. Christian App

There are millions of people in America who are thinking of ways to lose unwanted weight, millions who are thinking they are ready to shed those pounds and move into a new way of living. However,

  1. email marketing funnels

most of these people are looking for a quick fix to their problem, an easy solution, often times a pill. This is not the way to go about losing weight. First of all, nothing comes without work and effort. Weight loss will not come without proper education and knowledge. If you are looking for an easy way out, then this article is not for you. Here I will focus more on lifestyle change and healthy eating patterns which will contribute to a more active, livelier you. Juicing is the first step to take, the easiest step to take in this direction. Rug service Vegas

Because of patterns that have been established in our society, patterns that involve the consumption of easy, processed foods that are full of additives, the taste for real food has been impacted. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with flavor, void of preservatives and full of vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of cells and the proper elimination of toxins. It is a difficult first step to take to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables when these are not existing staples in your daily diet. Juicing large amounts of vegetables and fruits is not difficult and truly is a simple undertaking. The first step is committing to trying juicing.

It may seem somewhat overwhelming to think of shopping for the right kinds of vegetables and fruits that would be great in juice,

  1. jeeter carts

but I will include a beginner juicing list with simple combinations at the end of this article. It is just important to remember that by taking this first step forward, you are making the first step toward truly getting healthy. Losing those unwanted pounds, ridding your body of those damaging toxins, strengthening your ability to fight disease and most importantly for weight loss, speeding up your metabolic rate. The first step is to invest in a new juicer. Chose a juicer that best fits how you imagine yourself juicing, will it be a combination of vegetable and fruit juice, mainly vegetable or primarily fruit? I would suggest making it a combination or primarily vegetable, as natural fruit juice is loaded with sugar, albeit natural sugar, it is still sugar and processed in your body as such. This means it is harder to lose weight if you are taking in a large amount of sugars.

  1. Test Bank Shop

Next, you will want to create a beginner shopping list and have a few initial juicing recipes on hand to follow. It will be important to experiment with tastes and combinations, so that you are able to figure out what you like and dislike. Remember the key to juicing, especially juicing for weight loss, is consistency. The more often you juice, the more regularly you juice, the more results you will see and the faster the weight will come off. Always remember that juicing the same combinations, using only the same fruits and vegetables, can lead to the creation of food allergies, so mixing it up will be important.

A great first step in the vegetable/fruit combination is that of carrots and apples. Carrots and apples are both rather sweet and easily palatable. If you are a beginning juicer, this will be an instant hit. Try this simple straight forward recipe of combining 6 medium carrots, 2 medium apples and if you would like a little zest add about a half inch of fresh ginger. The ginger may be a bit much for your taste buds if you are accustomed to bland foods, but this is a wonderful addition to an already very smooth juice. For a greener variety, try combining a hearty handful of fresh spinach, a few leaves of kale, one medium pear and a few sprigs of parsley. The sweetness of the pear will be appreciated for the novice juicer; the sheer number of vitamins will be greatly appreciated by your body!

A starter grocery bag may contain the following ingredients: carrots, apples, spinach, kale, pears, cucumber, parsley, romaine lettuce and a head of cabbage. The fruits and vegetables listed are all relatively easy beginners and as your body becomes more accustomed to the flavors and varieties of juices available using these, you will then be ready to venture out and add new more adventurous varieties to your shopping cart. Beets are also fantastic in juice, though may be better used a week or two into your new juicing routine. reptilesuniversereptilesuniverse

Due Diligence Checklists – For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Planning to purchase or finance Commercial or Industrial Real Estate? Shopping Center? Office Building? Restaurant/Banquet property? Parking Lot? Storefront? Gas Station? Manufacturing facility? Warehouse? Logistics Terminal? Medical Building? Nursing Home? Hotel/Motel? Pharmacy? Bank facility? Sports and Entertainment Arena? Other? webuyhousessaltlake

A KEY to investing in commercial real estate is performing an adequate Due Diligence Investigation to assure you know all material facts to make a wise investment decision and to calculate your expected investment yield.

The following checklists are designed to help you conduct a focused and meaningful Due Diligence Investigation.

Basic Due Diligence Concepts:

Commercial Real Estate transactions are NOT similar to large home purchases.

Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer beware. sellfastarkansas

Consumer protection laws applicable to home purchases seldom apply to commercial real estate transactions. The rule that a Buyer must examine, judge, and test for himself, applies to the purchase of commercial real estate.

Due Diligence: “Such a measure of prudence, activity, or assiduity, as is proper to be expected from, and ordinarily exercised by, sellahousefastohio a reasonable and prudent [person] under the particular circumstances; not measured by any absolute standard, but depending upon the relative facts of the special case.” Black’s Law Dictionary; West Publishing Company.

Contractual representations and warranties are NOT a substitute for Due Diligence.

Breach of representations and warranties = Litigation, time and money.


The scope, intensity and focus of any due diligence investigation of commercial or industrial real estate depends upon the objectives of the party for whom the nevadacashoffer investigation is conducted. These objectives may vary depending upon whether the investigation is conducted for the benefit of (i) a Strategic Buyer (or long-term lessee); (ii) a Financial Buyer; (iii) a Developer; or (iv) a Lender.

If you are a Seller, understand that to close the transaction your Buyer (and its Lender) must address all issues material to its objective – some of which require information only you, as Owner, can adequately provide.


(i) A “Strategic Buyer” (or long-term lessee) is acquiring the property for its own use and must verify that the property is suitable for that intended use.

(ii) A “Financial Buyer” is acquiring the property for the expected return on investment generated by the property’s income stream, and must determine the amount, velocity and durability of the revenue stream. A sophisticated Financial Buyer will likely calculate its yield based upon discounted cash-flows rather than the must less precise capitalization rate (“cap rate”), and will need adequate financial information to do so.

(iii) A “Developer” is seeking to add value by changing the character or use of the property – usually with a short-term to intermediate-term exit strategy to dispose of the property; although, a Developer might plan to hold the property long term as Financial Buyer after development or redevelopment. The Developer must focus on whether the planned change is character or use can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner. A developer conducting due diligence will focus on issues involving market demand, access, Cashforhousesillinois use and finances.

(iv) A “Lender” is seeking to establish two basic lending criteria:

1. “Ability to Repay” – The ability of the property to generate sufficient revenue to repay the loan on a timely basis; and

2. “Sufficiency of Collateral” – The objective disposal value of the collateral in the event of a loan default, to assure adequate funds to repay the loan, carrying costs and costs of collection in the event forced collection becomes necessary.

The amount of diligent inquiry due to be expended (i.e. “Due Diligence”) to investigate any particular commercial or industrial real estate project is the amount of inquiry required to answer each of the following questions to the extent relevant to the objectives of the party conducting the investigation: Patriotcashoffer


1. Exactly what PROPERTY does Purchaser believe it is acquiring?

(a) Land?

(b) Building?

(c) Fixtures?

(d) Other Improvements?

(e) Other Rights?

(f) The entire fee title interest including all air rights and subterranean rights?

(g) All development rights?

2. What is Purchaser’s planned use of the Property?

3. Does the physical condition of the Property permit use as planned?

(a) Commercially adequate access to public streets and ways?

(b) Sufficient parking?

(c) Structural condition of improvements?

(d) Environmental contamination?

(i) Innocent Purchaser defense vs. exemption from liability

(ii) All Appropriate Inquiry

Using Open Source Content Management

An extension of the Santa Cruz Sentinel (the local newspaper), SantaCruzLive.com endeavors to reach beyond the typical newspaper demographic, to attract a younger readership in the online environment. Newspapers have struggled with this problem for the past five years, marmaris and SantaCruzLive.com is one of the most effective solutions to hit the Internet.

Newspapers are notorious for under-investing in their websites, making the development of a completely new site – focused on non-newspaper readers – a difficult sell. What do you do when you can’t get funding?

The answer: “open source”.

Open source software is free technology that is widely available on the Internet, offering sophisticated tools with no price tag. SantaCruzLive.com’s deployment of open source technology serves as a model to small businesses that seek dynamic websites without the accompanying costs. OPEN SOURCE CONTENTS

An Ambitious Agenda

The Santa Cruz Sentinel recognized early that they needed a way to reach younger readers. While the previous generation grew flowactivo up understanding the importance of the local newspaper, today’s youth turn to the web instead. Movie listings, local events, and even restaurants used to see the newspaper as the easiest way to reach new customers. That dynamic has changed, and SantaCruzLive.com wanted to take advantage of the emerging trend.

In attempting to appeal to a younger audience, though, the Santa Cruz Sentinel faced a daunting challenge. Newspaper investment in online efforts has always been thin, freespaceusa and SantaCruzLive.com would be a fundamentally new product; it would not simply mirror the newspaper. Knowing that they would not be able to fund an ambitious new product heavily, the team at the Santa Cruz Sentinel turned to the open source community for innovative software solutions without having to pay thousands of dollars in software fees.

Why Open Source?

Open source technology seems like the domain of geeks who continually try to build a better web mousetrap. For small businesses, though, flowerlisa open source technology has emerged into a viable alternative for establishing a web presence. The premise of the open source movement is that the technology is free. One simply can download the software they desire from one of many websites, and the technology can be modified to meet a company’s specific business needs.

The proliferation of open source technology has led to the development of a substantial pool of talent across the country. It is easy to find talent; you do not need to worry about being stuck with difficult or clumsy technology if you lose your web developer. Expertise is widely available; the cost of this expertise has come down substantially as a result. In fact, the wide adoption of open source technology has led to the development of sophisticated open source software that can be used “out of the box”. Surf Lessons

Plone works with Zope. Also open source (and free), Plone helps you manage the content on your website. Many small businesses labor under the belief that every page is separate, and that even small changes must be made by an eccentric and expensive technology guru. Plone proves that even small businesses can build and manage their websites like the Fortune 500. Instead of building and managing your website from scratch, Plone lets business users make and publish website changes quickly and easily.

With only limited funding, SantaCruzLive.com realized that it could cut its development time, develop a better website, and go live more quickly by using open source web development and content management tools. Zope and Plone obviated the need for extensive programming and made the website easier to manage. The team in Santa Cruz has new information to publish every day, requiring that non-programmers be able to publish content quickly. Open source technology made this possible. technoinstructor

Small Business Lessons

Entrepreneurs know the same feeling. We spend long hours to develop our business. The work you do during the day is focused on marketing your products, developing new relationships, and servicing existing customers. Growth efforts often have to occur after hours. Money is always tight. We know all too well that an investment in new web technology comes out of the same pocket as the mortgage payment and car bill. Every dollar spent is spent judiciously.

With tools like Zope and Plone, the decision to invest in online growth becomes a lot easier. Instead of having to invest in software and programmers to launch a new website, magicianneo you can cut the tab in half. The software is free, and there is plenty of talent available to work with you. Open source software helps you keep your website current – and your online presence fresh. Your online project will cost much less, as the software is free and offers functionality that you normally would have to hire a developer to build from scratch.

How to Break Into the News Photography Business

We now live in a world where people choose to get their news from their iPhones, Blackberrys, and online, and the newspapers taking big financial losses. Newspaper subscriptions and advertising revenues are way down and some newspapers are even closing up shop altogether. For those newspaper that is still operational upper-level management are cutting back staff at a remarkable rate. Many professional photojournalists, coventrypost editors, and reporters are being laid off or forced to do twice the amount of work they were originally hired to do. However, the demand for quality news photos and videos remains high. With a reduced amount of staff and photographers, newspapers must still provide photos for their newspaper daily, but it isn’t always that easy.

As newspapers continue to struggle to provide the best news coverage with their reduced staff they often turn to freelance photographers also known as Stringers to fill the pages with breaking news photos as well as video clips for their website. These newspaper Stringers earn anywhere from $75-200 per photo and sometimes even more for video content that is used on a national television show. newsfromtechtoday

Breaking into the news photo business isn’t as hard as it may sound and you can get started today if you have the proper equipment and motivation.

What are some of the things you will need to get started?


  1. Digital SLR camera
  2. Police Scanner
  3. Cellphone techautomates
  4. Laptop with wireless access
  5. Reliable vehicle
  6. Long zoom lens of 70-200mm is fine


As a Stringer, you will be spending a majority of your time monitoring your police scanner and listening for major car crashes, fires, shootings, gadgetpieces SWAT standoffs, and even severe weather such as brush fires and tornadoes happening in your town.

The objective is to get to the scene and make dramatic photos of the scene before newspaper or television photographers get there. The best time to hunt for news is late at night from 12 am-4 am as this is when most of the news staff is off, meaning no competition for you. It is possible to get exclusive content during the day but is usually more difficult because of the increased competition and traffic.

A reliable stringer with proven results can also accept photo assignments from newspapers, magazines, and TV stations around the world adding to the money you make nightly chasing spot news. roboticsforyou


The Stock Market and Stock Market News

A stock market or equity market is a public entity for the trading of company stock (shares) and derivatives at an agreed price. The stocks are listed and traded on stock exchanges which are entities of a corporation or mutual organization specialized in the business of bringing buyers and sellers of the organizations to a listing of stocks and securities together. Participants in the stock market include individual retail investors, iislington institutional investors such as mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, and also publicly traded corporations trading in their shares. Their orders usually end up with a professional at a stock exchange, who executes the order of buying or selling.

The purpose of a stock exchange is to facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers, thus providing a marketplace (virtual or real). The exchanges provide real-time trading information on the listed securities, facilitating price discovery. Some exchanges are physical locations where transactions are carried out on a trading floor, yorkshiretelegraph by a method known as open outcry. This type of auction is used in stock exchanges and commodity exchanges where traders may enter verbal bids and offers simultaneously. The other type of stock exchange is a virtual kind, composed of a network of computers where trades are made electronically via traders. Actual trades are based on an auction market model where a potential buyer bids a specific price for a stock and a potential seller asks for a specific price for the stock. When the bid and ask prices match, cymrutoday a sale takes place, on a first-come-first-served basis if there are multiple bidders or askers at a given price.

A few decades ago, worldwide, buyers and sellers were individual investors, such as wealthy businessmen, usually with long family histories to particular corporations. Over time, institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, and mutual funds have become the major players in the stock market. The rise of the institutional investor has brought with it some improvements in market operations. One improvement is that fees have been markedly reduced for the ‘small’ investor. tynenews

Stock markets provide a considerable amount of information daily. And the rise of small investors in the stock market has led to an increased demand for the News. The news analysis consists of the tracking, recording, analysis, and interpretation of the flux and change of it. Such analysis could include the performance of well-known and not-so-well-known companies. This form of journalism can also cover news and features articles about the people, places, nottinghamstandard and issues related to the stock market in particular and the financial industry in general.

Stock market news is disseminated in a variety of ways. Most newspapers, capitaltoday magazines, radio, and television news shows carry a segment dedicated to the trends of the trading day. However, the internet has fast become the medium of choice for a considerable number of stock market news watchers. On the internet, such persons can get not only up-to-the-minute reports on trading but also detailed and in-depth financial journalism.


How to Break Into the News Photography Business

We now live in a world where people choose to get their news from their iPhones, Blackberrys, and online, and the newspapers taking big financial losses. Newspaper subscriptions and advertising revenues are way down and some newspapers are even closing up shop altogether. For those newspaper that is still operational upper-level management are cutting back staff at a remarkable rate. Many professional photojournalists, coventrypost editors, and reporters are being laid off or forced to do twice the amount of work they were originally hired to do. However, the demand for quality news photos and videos remains high. With a reduced amount of staff and photographers, newspapers must still provide photos for their newspaper daily, but it isn’t always that easy.

As newspapers continue to struggle to provide the best news coverage with their reduced staff they often turn to freelance photographers also known as Stringers to fill the pages with breaking news photos as well as video clips for their website. These newspaper Stringers earn anywhere from $75-200 per photo and sometimes even more for video content that is used on a national television show. newsfromtechtoday

Breaking into the news photo business isn’t as hard as it may sound and you can get started today if you have the proper equipment and motivation.

What are some of the things you will need to get started?


  1. Digital SLR camera
  2. Police Scanner
  3. Cellphone techautomates
  4. Laptop with wireless access
  5. Reliable vehicle
  6. Long zoom lens of 70-200mm is fine


As a Stringer, you will be spending a majority of your time monitoring your police scanner and listening for major car crashes, fires, shootings, gadgetpieces SWAT standoffs, and even severe weather such as brush fires and tornadoes happening in your town.

The objective is to get to the scene and make dramatic photos of the scene before newspaper or television photographers get there. The best time to hunt for news is late at night from 12 am-4 am as this is when most of the news staff is off, meaning no competition for you. It is possible to get exclusive content during the day but is usually more difficult because of the increased competition and traffic.

A reliable stringer with proven results can also accept photo assignments from newspapers, magazines, and TV stations around the world adding to the money you make nightly chasing spot news. roboticsforyou


The Most Notable Issue on Online Casino Games

The basic and the most notable issue representing you is the reasonable assessment for the casino games. In the mid-century so many online casino games have been introduced which become really very tough to pick the finest one. All of us bear unique kinds of views and of course an atypical kind of option from the casino. It is very troublesome to remain within that. However, somehow it can stay made trouble-free. So your first priority is to pick out a casino according to your projected needs.

Every single online gambling site will suggest a download option button to download the software. Go for the free software option from the site. It can feature in two ways. It may be through the unload-able link or sent to you through CD. Just track the commands Baccarat Site specified on the gambling or casino guide and install the unproblematic software on your PC. Nowadays, many sites have been opted the flash version software which are not down-loadable. So it is useful in favor of you to opt the same too as many obese software providers are providing these software for better playing and amusing fulfilled online gambling games experience.

Once you are maintaining the downloaded software, open an account called a fun account, that will permit you to play with let’s pretend cash, and you long for getting a familiar with the online casino games. It is advisable not to play gambling games, unless you bear full practiced it in fun mode. If the fun mode reflects some inequitable decisions on gaming, at that time do not play it may reflect in misstep. At all times snap your real details within the cash account, while you are opening it for the initial period. Casino games always cross check your entries; if not accountable afterward online casino will never wage you with your winnings. Now you have entered the online casino games world. Right away click on the cashier icon displayed on the casino window and deposit the money. Select from the accessible options and make the deposit. The options are many, can be NE-TELLER, CREDIT CARD, FIRE PAY and many more. Just pick out your option. Check out all the details what else is clear with the casino cashier.

Now you have entered into the player credit and here each one who is playing is a winner once you maintain an initial deposit. You will receive a bonus mechanically in your balance. However, be definite to read out the terms and conditions of the online casino site for the availability of the welcome bonus. All the initial deposit bonuses contain a wagering requirement ahead of you withdraw. Most online gambling site ban the wagers on such games equally roulette towards the wagering condition.


20, Jul
How to Create Personalized Content for B2B Marketing Campaigns

Content personalization is no longer limited to just adding each prospective customer’s name in the emails. You need to be a little more creative in choosing your words so that your content aligns with your customers’ interests. It is always a good idea to know more about your target audience by evaluating their demographic information. However, it takes some time to figure out what exactly works out for your B2B marketing campaigns. To speed up the process, we will guide you on ways to personalize your content for running effective B2B marketing campaigns.

What Is Personalized Content?

Personalized content is created using various data-driven approaches to convey a message. This benefits businesses in gaining their customers’ interest, which helps drive more sales and engagement levels on the website. When it comes to B2B organizations, personalization is the key to running successful marketing campaigns. Using personalized content, businesses inform other businesses about their products in a way that intrigues and entices them into making a purchase.

Best Ways to Increase Content Personalization for B2B Marketing

We have shortlisted three ways for your business to thrive in this competitive world of B2B marketing:

Market Segmentation

The first step for personalization is to divide various customers according to their distinct features. Segment them into smaller groups based on their interests, location, age, gender, and education. This way, it will be easier to add certain words and phrases to the content that make them feel special about themselves.

Use Your Buyer’s Persona

For running successful marketing campaigns, it is essential to learn more about your buyer’s journey. See where they are coming from and what they are expecting from your products. Businesses should look into their prospective customers’ demographics to determine how much they would pay for a certain product, their challenges, and their goals. These details will help create an ideal customer persona, which will help companies in setting a tone and writing style that aligns with their customers.

Build Your Customers’ Persona Profiles

Check your existing customers’ data and use it for analysis using third-party analytical tools. Next, find similar trends by focusing on the way your audience sees and responds to your content. You can also ask your teammates from sales to determine your customers’ engagement levels. If you can’t find sufficient details, then you should consider interviewing your existing and potential customers to hear feedback regarding your products. If you are conducting online interviews on Zoom, make sure you are connected to MetroNet Fiber Internet to avoid connectivity issues during the video chat.

You can ask them questions related to their online activities and interactions with your content, such as the following:

  • How many times a day or week do they visit your website?
  • At what time do they prefer to go online?
  • What is their favorite pastime?
  • Who do they prefer interacting with using digital platforms?
  • Do they study or work?
  • What kind of content triggers them?
  • What do they wish to achieve from your website?

With in-depth knowledge about your buyers’ personas, you can improve your content and optimize it better for sales.

Customize Your Content Based on Behavioral Triggers

The term ‘behavioral trigger’ refers to content that can trigger a certain response from your audience. It can be in the form of liking your posts on social media profiles or even closing the tab instead of scrolling on your website. Once you have known their behavioral triggers, you must tailor your content in a way that resonates with your customers. However, you need to understand that when it comes to content, there is no one-size-fits-all. If some of your customers like your content, others may not even consider it something worth reading. Hence, you should come up with multiple pieces of content to see which one is well-suited for your business.

Fine Tune Your Content with More Details

Now that you have followed the first two steps, it is time for you to jazz up your content. First, make sure that everyone can access your content, including your existing and prospective customers. It should contain a meaningful message that enables your audience to engage with your content. This will help influence people into learning more about your products.

As long as you have MetroNet Internet, it won’t be difficult for you to digitize your content. For example, you can add an experiential, visual, and interactive element so that your audience will have an opportunity to respond to it.

Final Thoughts

Writing effective content for B2B marketing campaigns is just as challenging as persuading a person in a one-to-one meeting to buy your products. Besides, you can’t expect to see immediate results based on your customers’ responses. Instead, you should take your time and analyze things that work best for your business using the abovementioned techniques. Once you perfect your craft, it can be easier to target a wide range of businesses by adapting to their styles, based on your audience’s personas.

19, Jul
Top 5 Tips to Win Casino Online

Do you want and require tips to succeed in casino games? Yes, it is true. These are tips for online casinos that are efficient, simple to implement, and have been utilized by thousands of gamblers across the world. You can apply these tips to the most popular games at online casinos right now and discover how efficient they can be. Since online gambling is intended to be entertaining and enjoyable as well as to enable you to win. We can only say that by following these tips, you’ll receive everything you require. These are, in fact, the top tips of all time.


1) Play with the Best Online Casinos

You must find and choose a preferred online casino in which you bet. Also, you have to locate the top one. For many players, it’s the same. Always read reviews to find out about the casino’s features, quality, and other general details. The most reliable casino will contain the things you want. These include high-quality bonuses as well as a huge selection of games, an attentive customer support team, a variety of well-known payment methods, and a valid license, among others. It is among the ways to try an online casino to determine the 5 or the most reliable one. Each of the elements that we’ve mentioned is things gamblers on the internet have been using for decades. A casino site with these features is a secure and safe choice.

2) Find Games with a Low House Edge

The games with the lowest house edge include Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps. Understanding how they work is quite simple. The term “edge” refers to the proportion of the odds. If a casino has higher odds than you do, they have more edge. A lower edge means that you are more likely to win and will be more likely to be successful than playing the opposite game. Chances to win are higher when playing games with low odds. Slot machines have a huge edge, so keep this in your mind. Casino games that are real money require that you. When you have a clear idea of which games are best, choose one that you are enjoying. Table games provide a clear benefit and you can make use of the bonus cash on the majority of them. This makes them the best option.

3) Don’t Chase Losses

Don’t chase cash you’ve lost. If you’re playing your preferred online game, you should stop once you’ve had enough. The most popular instance is video poker or regular poker. Whatever strategy you choose to use betting on poker can help you gain or lose. The same is true when you play online roulette. The aim is straightforward. Have fun while you can, but then end the streak when your lucky streak runs out. This is a feature you can utilize in any casino that has video games and can assist you in saving thousands.

Another thing to consider is that professional players will be aware of the fact that you’re trying to make money and will be able to apply this against you. This is known as “tilt” and it is an important issue that could negatively influence your bank account.

4) Collect the Best Bonuses

If you’re hoping to make a fortune, you have to be able to answer all your questions about bonuses. You can choose the most effective one feasible by examining bonuses that you could use. Welcome bonus and no deposit bonuses and the others are attractive and highly desirable. Avoid them and pick the ones that allow you to play for as long as possible until the very end. These are among the few items you can access on the internet for free, and, as such, it is among the best strategies we have to offer. They can be utilized over time and even earn more from every bet. You can indeed use these in any slot game you love.

5) Learn Casino Game Strategies

They could have a massive impact on how you can get more. They aren’t 100% certain ways to overtake the rules and receive more. But, preparing and using them is highly recommended. Some are bizarre and others are easy to comprehend. They all aid you by showing you how to make bets. There are a variety of methods for each game and have fun. Some titles are more difficult to comprehend, so you’ll require more effort.



Utilize these points on slots or any other game you’d like to experience. Gaming online is awe-inspiring today and something you should try. It is now clear that there are the most important secrets available and you can test every one of them right now. You won’t believe it, but these techniques have been employed by experts for many years.

20, May
Tips To Improve Your Local SEO?

An excellent SEO strategy is necessary to have your company’s name at the top of a search engine result. SEO can make a big difference for a company serving local customers. They are essential for standing out in the local market. SEO will make your company visible to a potential local buyer eager to do business with you. If you can’t increase the local traffic to your website, you should change your strategy. Below are a few tips to improve your search engine rankings. Alternatively, you can look for a company specializing in SEO in your area. For example, you can look for an SEO company in Delhi if your business is in Delhi.  

SEO Tips for local search:

  1. Improve Google My Business Listing
  2. Update Business Listing Information
  3. Optimize Content
  4. Location Page

Improve Google My Business Listing:

It would be better to use Google’s my business listing if you want your company to be in Google’s ‘near me’ search result. Google My Business is an authentic tool to help your business grow. If you have a My Business profile, you improve your credibility. 

By claiming your Google My Business, you have administrative control of your business. You can then upload photos, contact info, business description, and hours. Additionally, you can view ratings and reviews given by your customers. 

A website optimized for local search increases your website’s local traffic and the user experience of your local customers. 

Having a Google My Business profile also makes your business visible on google maps. Google maps will display detailed information about your business. Customers who want your product can easily find your business on google maps. 

Update Business Listing Information:

You should update your business information and make it consistent in various online directories. Errors in names, addresses, and phone numbers can decrease your authenticity. Google’s web crawlers will not know if your business is genuine. And this can affect your google page rankings. 

It could be tedious to verify your business information in various online directories. You can make use of an SEO agency for that. 

Optimize Content:

It is always necessary to make your content optimized for users. Quality content consistently ranks better on search engines. It doesn’t matter if you trick your audience into clicking your link. If they don’t like your content, they can close the webpage quickly. In SEO language, this is bouncing. The higher your website’s bounce rate, the lesser the ranking.

In the case of a business serving local customers, it is highly essential to have excellent content. It would be better to create your content optimized for that particular location. This way, a person searching ‘near me’ would see your webpage and get what they want. They will then stay on the webpage more, reducing the bounce rate. For example, if your company is trying to get business from people residing in Delhi. Your content must be relevant to Delhi. If you don’t know how to optimize your content, any SEO company in Delhi can do that for you. 

Location Page:

There should be a location page on your webpage having detailed information about your business’s location. For example, an SEO company in Delhi should have a location page describing where exactly its headquarter is. Then Google’s web crawlers can quickly identify your content is specific to an area. Consequently, you will rank better in local search results. 

You can also add your contact information and a link to your location on Google Maps. Doing this will further ensure your business visibility overall. You can get help from an SEO agency to create a detailed location page and contact page for your website. 

However, ensure that your location page is accurate. And that users will find the information you are advertising on your website. It will improve customer satisfaction and the growth of your business.  

In Conclusion, SEO is an essential factor for getting high-quality traffic to your website. It becomes a necessity if your website advertises your local business. An optimized local website ensures that your content shows up when searched on google. For example, a person in Delhi may searchSEO company in Delhi or SEO agencies near me. Then if that SEO company has done SEO for their websites, they will be visible to the person. Consequently, their business will grow.

30, Apr
What Is Instant Messaging Marketing?

Instant message marketing:

instant messaging marketing

instant messaging marketing is a way to reach out to your customers over the internet. This can be through Facebook, Twitter, or even text messages. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of what it means to be an instant message marketer, who should consider it as a career option, and how you can launch an instant message marketing campaign.

What is Instant Messaging Marketing?

It is a new and innovative way to market your business. It involves using instant messaging software to contact potential or current customers to promote your products or services. This type of marketing can be very effective, as it allows you to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. Additionally, it can be very cost-effective, as you can avoid traditional advertising methods such as print or television ads.

How to Use Chatbots in Your Instant Messaging Marketing

If you’re looking to take your instant messaging marketing to the next level, chatbots are a great way to do it. Chatbots can help you automate your marketing tasks, including sending messages, responding to inquiries, and even taking orders. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use chatbots in your IM marketing, so you can take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer.

What are the Benefits of IM marketing?

There are many benefits of using IM marketing for businesses. It is a quick and easy way to reach customers and potential customers. It is also a great way to build relationships with customers and create loyalty. Additionally, IM marketing can be used to increase sales and conversions, as well as to generate leads.

Why do businesses use IM Marketing?

IM Marketing is a way for businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. It’s a form of one-to-one communication that can be used to build relationships, provide support, and even close deals. When done right, IM marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. But what are the benefits of using IM marketing, and why should businesses use it? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Instant Messaging Marketing:

There are several reasons why businesses use IM marketing. Here are some of the most common benefits:

1. Increased Customer Engagement

IM marketing allows businesses to increase customer engagement by providing an immediate way to connect with their customers. This type of marketing allows businesses to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

2. Improved Customer Support

IM marketing can also be used to improve customer support. By being able to communicate with customers in real-time, businesses can resolve issues more quickly and effectively. This can lead to happier customers and repeat business.

3. Increased Sales and conversions

IM marketing can also be used to increase sales and conversions. By being able to connect with.

What are the cons of IM marketing?

cons of instant messaging marketing

There are a few potential cons of using instant messaging marketing for businesses. First, customers may not appreciate being bombarded with messages, regardless of how relevant they are. Second, if a business uses IM marketing in an intrusive or spammy way, it could damage its reputation. Finally, IM marketing requires ongoing effort and resources to be effective, which could be a challenge for some businesses.


As we’ve seen, instant messaging marketing is a powerful way to connect with customers and prospects in real-time. When used correctly, instant messaging can help you close more deals, build better relationships, and boost your bottom line. If you’re not using instant messaging in your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Start using instant messaging today!

29, Apr
The Conversion rate email marketing

What does Conversion rate email marketing:

Conversion rate email marketing

Much like your website’s conversion rate, it’s a measurement of your email list’s effectiveness. For every 10 emails you send out, how many of them do you get back as opened (clicked) or unopened? The higher your email list’s open and click-through rates, the better its conversion rate. Opening an email takes only a few seconds; forwarding it to others takes only one more. When it comes to conversion rate email marketing, most business owners are thinking about two things: how to get more emails into the hands of their customers and how to ensure that those customers take the actions they want them to take (such as making purchases). But there’s one thing most business owners forget about when it comes to email marketing, which is the open rate. Though many businesses overlook this aspect of email marketing, you mustn’t make the same mistake.

Major Factors that Affect Email Marketing Conversion Rates:

These are some of the major factors that affect a company’s email marketing conversion rates. Every business is different, so there is no single way to increase your email’s effectiveness. But generally speaking, you need to tweak your email content, subject lines and call-to-action buttons. If you want more people clicking through to your website. And don’t forget about writing in an engaging tone—your audience will probably read it faster if it doesn’t sound like marketing material.

5 Conversion Rate Hacks for Email Marketing:

What is conversion rate email marketing? If you are not sure, then you’re far from alone. Many people who work in the field of email marketing aren’t clear on how to calculate the conversion rate of email marketing either – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Today, we will walk through five different ways you can use email marketing to improve your conversion rate and grow your business. By the end of this article, you should know what an email marketing conversion rate is and how to improve yours!

Use an image on your email:

Your email conversion rate is defined as how many people who open your email click through to your site. Depending on where you run your ads, you’ll likely have different conversion rates than other brands. A successful conversion rate depends on what it takes to make a sale, whether that’s a purchase or opt-in. If more of your subscribers click through, then a higher percentage of recipients will also be interested in what you’re selling and thus more likely to complete a transaction; by extension, they’re likely willing to spend more money or share their contact information with you. So, if you want better numbers in your inbox conversion rates. Then start by getting higher quality traffic and ensuring that it aligns with what’s driving revenue for your business.

Design your call to action button:

It’s no secret that email is a cheap and highly effective way to market your business. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should under-invest in its impact you need to make sure that each message you send packs as much punch as possible. Your first step in doing so is designing a strong call to action button that makes it easy for your customers to take action on what they’re reading without having to hunt around or read through multiple layers of the copy. Ultimately, you want a call to action button on your CTA. This will help you get more conversions from your emails.

Don’t hide links in the text, use a button instead:

Any time you’re trying to encourage an action, buttons are always a better option than simply placing text and asking users to take action. One of our favourite examples of a button is from Eventbrite: It asks to Want tickets? but when you hover over it with your cursor, it turns into Get Tickets.. When you click on it, it changes to Buy Tickets. A good rule of thumb is to use a button whenever possible. Because it will help keep people focused on what they need to do next.

Try A/B testing and tracking:

Despite using a conversion-focused design, not all visitors to your website respond to it in the same way. The best way to find out what features work and which ones don’t is to test them against each other: in an A/B test, two different versions of a page are shown at random to site visitors and you track how they respond. For example, there might be two different headlines—one on one version of a page, another on another—or calls-to-action or messaging (if a lead submits their email address online). You can do multiple tests for each variable and see which works best. Once you’ve determined that one variable leads people through your funnel at higher rates than others, you can prioritize that feature in future campaigns.

Choose the right time and date:

conversion rate email marketing time period

In many cases, timing is key to a successful email marketing campaign. We know that if you send an email on Tuesday at 1 pm. There’s a very good chance it will be lost in people’s inboxes. On Wednesday at noon? Probably safe. But if you want to boost your conversion rate email marketing, you need to make sure your subject line. The best way to do that is with some data. Look at what times and days your customers are most likely to engage with emails from you. That way, you can schedule emails around those patterns.

27, Apr
Blogs for Content Marketing You Should Follow

 Blogs for Content Marketing: Introduction

blogs for content marketing

Three years ago, content marketing seemed like a foreign concept to most business owners and managers; now, it’s something that most are doing on at least some level. The problem with content marketing is the sheer volume of information available about how to do it right. A marketing strategy that brings you closer to your goals. To help take some of the pressure off, we’ve compiled a list of blogs for content marketing you should follow. If you want to keep your content marketing effective and efficient.

 Blogs for Content Marketing: The Tunguska Blast

In June 1908, an explosion at a height of about 5 miles (8 kilometres) over Tunguska in Russia flattened trees for 830 square miles (2,150 square kilometres). A comet or asteroid with an estimated diameter of 60 to 190 feet (18 to 58 meters) came hurtling through our atmosphere at more than 34,000 mph (54,000 kph), creating a blast that dropped air pressure by half a per cent around Earth. Was it such a destructive event? Or do we need to worry about something else?

 MarketingProfs: Blogs for Content Marketing

MarketingProfs is a blogs for content marketing with all sorts of practical advice and strategy tips, as well as a great collection of content marketing-related news. One reason to love it: The posts are easy to scan; they’re short and to-the-point. Blogger Kevan Lee keeps his posts short because he knows you’re busy, but he also believes in keeping things simple. His tips can be implemented immediately. Each post is light on fluff and jargon—and heavy on actionable advice. In addition to blog posts, Lee offers podcasts and ebooks that discuss content marketing strategy and tactics.


AWeber is a blog that provides updates on blogging and content marketing. The site also provides free tools to help writers manage their social media presence. Its posts are very short and are frequently updated, making it an ideal blog to follow for those interested in keeping up with a constantly-changing industry. Williams started his blog after he launched his first business. His goal was to share what he learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, Williams helps small businesses create effective blogs through his work at AWeber Communications LLC.


If you’re looking to break into content marketing and aren’t sure where to start, Moz is a great place to look. The blog covers everything from link building and content strategy to keyword research. There are also industry-specific posts with helpful tips on using social media in healthcare or using Facebook Ads. Furthermore, there are some paid courses available through Moz Academy, which may be worth checking out if you’re planning on diving into content marketing more deeply than an occasional blog post. Overall, Moz has a pretty useful blog that should be at least skimmed regularly by anyone interested in content marketing strategies (or SEO strategies more generally).

Social Media Examiner:

social media examiner

Social Media Examiner is a blog created by expert social media marketers. They also host an annual conference. For more on SMEs, check out our case study here. ( Source ) Blog Engage: Blog Engage is a blog that focuses exclusively on helping bloggers generate more traffic, subscribers and leads via blogs and content marketing. Susan Gunelius: If you’re looking for some high-quality advice about content marketing strategies then Susan’s blog is a great place to start!


HubSpot is one of our favourite blogs when it comes to content marketing and entrepreneurship. Every day, HubSpot posts a Blog Recap with a collection of their favourite articles from around the web on topics such as content marketing, sales, business development, social media and more. One thing we love about HubSpot is that they’ve also compiled a list of resources that are relevant if you’re interested in developing your blog or learning how to create great content.


Not only does Ahrefs have a blogs for content marketing tips, but it also has some really valuable tools to help you boost your content marketing strategy. You can use it to spy on your competitors (using its Similar Domain feature) or track where people are linking. It helps to find out who’s talking about your brand and what kind of conversations are going on about you on social media. It’s not free, but if you’re serious about content marketing, it might be worth investing in. The basic plan is $79 per month; you’ll get a 30-day trial period when you sign up. This will give you access to all of Ahrefs’ features including all data from both websites and social media channels. If that sounds like overkill, then there’s also an entry-level package called Site Explorer for $99 per month. It gives you access to just one website.

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what is email marketing automation software?

Email marketing automation software intro:

email marketing automation software

Email marketing automation software (also known as email marketing software) helps you automate your email marketing campaigns so that you can focus on other tasks that are important to your business, like coming up with new content ideas or growing your social media following. It makes it easy to create automated follow-up sequences, process and track your lead information, and set up automated email campaigns across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Here’s what you need to know about email marketing automation software before you start using it in your business!

Email Marketing Automation software:

Email marketing automation software can be used to trigger email campaigns according to a user’s interaction with a website. For example, an e-commerce site might want users to complete an online order form before triggering an email campaign that promotes product recommendations. Similarly, an SaaS company may want users to fill out a trial registration form or watch a demonstration video before sending inbound sales emails. Because email marketing automation works so well in tandem with web forms and other conversion channels, it has grown increasingly popular over time. But what exactly is email marketing automation software? And how does it work? This post will answer those questions and more. Let’s get started!

Inbound Marketing:

If you have a business and are looking to drive sales, then inbound marketing is a great way to go. Inbound refers to bringing traffic (visitors) onto your website from other places, rather than from paid advertisements (outbound). With inbound marketing, people are directed to your website by content that has been created for them – like blogs or videos. This form of digital marketing converts more leads into sales than outbound does. The best part about it is that there’s no upfront cost. You can start with free tools and build up as you see fit. As an added bonus, inbound marketing allows you to create an ongoing relationship with customers who come back time and again because they’re interested in what you have to say.

How to Choose an Email Marketing Automation Tool:

Whether you want to automate your existing campaigns or build new ones, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing an email marketing automation tool. Below are five key capabilities that every good email marketing automation software should have. Keep these in mind as you explore potential solutions and evaluate them against each other. The ability to send triggered emails based on various events happening within your application(s). A robust segmentation system that allows you to create segments based on any data point (e.g., location, behavior, demographics). The ability to track conversions across multiple channels. such as clicks from social media links, form submissions from landing pages.

Benefits of email marketing automation software:

email marketing automation software beneits

The top benefit to automated email campaigns is that . They allow you to put into action all of your customer relationship management (CRM) data and tie it . Directly into your email marketing system. Automated emails can also help keep customers engaged with your brand by reminding them of events or purchases. They have made and encouraging future transactions, while reducing or eliminating contact with uninterested customers. This can save companies time and money in their customer service department. Other benefits include being able to deliver targeted offers based on past behavior and preferences; testing out new products or services; personalizing messages; setting up timed messages for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates; allowing team members to work together on a campaign without having access to each other’s passwords; reducing bounce rates due to emails being sent too frequently or at odd hours

Best Practices for Using Email Marketing Automation:

With all of these tools at your disposal. It’s hard to know which ones are worth learning and which ones aren’t. But that shouldn’t stop you from harnessing these valuable technologies. Start with a free tool like MailChimp and master their basic features. Once you’re comfortable using that platform, consider upgrading to a paid plan (it’ll cost less than $10 per month). If you can afford it, HubSpot offers some of the most robust features around. It also has an integrated CRM system for tracking sales leads and measuring campaign performance. Whatever route you choose, remember: Automation isn’t about sending out generic emails without any personalization or connection; instead, use it as an opportunity to engage more deeply with your customers by truly understanding them on a personal level. That’s how you’ll keep them coming back for more in 2016—and beyond!

A Review of the Top 4 Tools (and One Not To Use):

There are several different platforms that offer automated features for your business, but which one should you use? We’ve evaluated some of them and have created , a list of our top four picks for email marketing automation software tools. The first one on our list will be Constant Contact. Which offers exceptional email templates, simple customization options and great visualizations. MailChimp, our second pick, has an easy-to-use interface and a powerful set of features. That can help any organization get started with email marketing. Our third pick is Infusionsoft, which we recommend for its intuitive platform and powerful integrations with other platforms. Finally, we included HubSpot as an honorable mention . Because it’s an all-in-one solution that can make running your business easier than ever before. If you want to learn more about these products or find out . How they compare to others in their class, keep reading!

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What is the best social media news?

Social media news world:

best  social media news continues to grow and evolve, new channels pop up every day, providing more options for users to share their thoughts, links, photos, and videos with others around the world. With so many new platforms to choose from, it can be hard to keep track of the best social media news, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting sites and services available today. The next time you wonder what is the best social media news? check out this guide!

Social Media News:

best social media news

Best Social Media News What is it and where can you find it? You’ve probably heard of best practices, but what about best news for your social media marketing strategy? We asked 10 experts to share their top social media news. The rise of messaging apps has been one of my favorite stories in 2017.I expect that to continue into 2018. In particular, I think we will see more brands using Messenger as a customer service channel. Developing bots on Facebook Messenger or Slack. My favorite social media news story of 2017. How Snapchat helped spark a national conversation around sexual harassment and assault through its Live Stories feature.

Pinterest Strategies according to service:

Influencers have tapped into Pinterest’s power in a number of ways. For example, some are using their boards to come up with product and service ideas for their brands. And others have found success turning their boards into storefronts for DIYers or working with an illustrator to turn their pins into best  social media news art that inspires people.The bottom line: Don’t just pin stuff think about how you can use Pinterest in a way that works best for your business. Here are eight strategies to get you started. This means there will now be even more content to consume on Instagram, which should benefit businesses who use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

Facebook Advertising social media:

It seems like Snapchat has gained its popularity exponentially in just a few years. It has emerged as one of the most preferred social networks amongst teens, beating Facebook and Instagram with ease. If you are looking to start out your business or want to revamp it by using some popular new technologies.Here are five ways in which you can use Snapchat for your business success.Ways your Business can use Snapchat.Use ‘Snapchat Geofilters’: Snapchat Geofilters were introduced last year and they have taken over our feeds since then. They help businesses reach their target audience in an efficient manner. Use Lenses are a fun way to interact with your customers on Snapchat.

Best Content Marketing Trends:

We can’t know what’s going to happen in 2018, but we can look at past trends and apply them to today’s best  social media news in the world. The infographic below illustrates some of these content marketing trends as they’ve developed over time. As you scroll through it, be on the lookout for any great ideas you can incorporate into your own strategy. And if your favorite content marketing trend isn’t listed here, don’t worry it will be soon enough! It’s impossible to keep up with all of today’s best practices when it comes to content marketing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

 Social Media News Business:

best social media news business

Snapchat has quickly become one of America’s favorite mobile apps since it launched in 2011. As a brand, you have to use Snapchat and learn how to connect with your audience using Snapchat. If you want to be ahead of your competition in 2017, then you need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Here are five ways for businesses to use Snapchat today.Businesses can benefit from Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories are here! This feature allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users can add text, drawings, emoji or their location along with each post they share. Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. To help business owners better understand how they can make use of these new features here are four things they should know about them right away:

Social media today:

It’s a platform where people share their experiences, brand stories and life events. But for all its ability to connect, social media can also be isolating. It’s easier than ever to follow what everyone else is doing and harder than ever to know if you’re doing it right. If everyone has so many more friends and followers than I do, then why aren’t my online friends multiplying like theirs are? What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it? The best social media news is that there isn’t one secret formula to get people following your page or liking your posts. There are, however, some simple guidelines that will help you build an audience of engaged fans who want to hear from you regularly.

 Popular social media:

best social media news popular

using different platforms for best social media news. What is your favorite platform and why? What are you doing to keep up with all of them? I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I use them all but my favorite two are Twitter and Facebook because they’re easy to use and both have a lot of followers. The one thing that makes it hard to keep up with them all is remembering.

7, Apr
What Is The Best Digital Marketing Assistant Jobs?

Intro best digital marketing assistant jobs:

digital marketing assistant jobs

The world’s best digital marketing assistant jobs can be confusing and time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are professionals who can make all the hard work much easier to deal with. A digital marketing assistant works behind the scenes to make sure that everything. Smoothly in the work of social media and online marketing, freeing up their boss or team members to do other things. Such as meeting with clients or posting to social media sites themselves. Learn more about what it’s like to be a digital marketing assistant in this day in the life of a digital marketing assistant article.

The digital marketing assistant jobs Description:

Although the day-to-day job responsibilities vary, most digital marketing assistants have these basic responsibilities: post and monitor social media; write SEO (search engine optimization) content; proofread and edit web pages; assist with email campaigns. Also called content writers, SEO writers, or online marketing specialists. Digital marketing assistants can be employed by nearly any business—from small local shops to Fortune 500 companies. Digital marketers typically need a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. The median annual wage for internet and interactive media developers was $82,860 in May 2015. Employment of internet developers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than average for all occupations.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

As the best digital marketing assistant jobs, you’ll be responsible for monitoring your client’s social media accounts. You’ll also need to provide feedback about their activity on these channels and help them manage comments and messages from followers. Beyond that, you’ll also handle traditional marketing duties such as drafting emails and updating websites. Finally, you’ll work with clients to coordinate offline events like interviews or speaking engagements.

Requirements and Qualifications:

 best digital marketing assistant jobs requirements

For digital marketing assistant jobs, you don’t need a specific degree or major; however, you will need to be enthusiastic about digital marketing, have good written and verbal communication skills, and know-how to work effectively with people. Digital marketing assistants must be organized, able to manage multiple projects at once, and have excellent attention to detail. Basic web design knowledge is recommended but not required. You’ll also want to be proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel. Finally, you should have an eye for design: it helps if you can evaluate an ad before it goes live and make suggestions for improvement. Companies generally look for candidates with some (but not necessarily formal) experience working with digital media.

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Assistant Jobs:

Digital marketing assistants help clients across every spectrum. While most work for marketing agencies, some digital marketing assistants work as individual consultants and set their own rates. One day on your feet, another day behind your desk—at first glance, it might seem like an easy job. Perfect for someone who just graduated from college with no experience to speak of. It’s true that digital marketing assistant jobs are more informal than other positions you might apply for, but there are still certain skills and qualities that are helpful (if not necessary) to have to land a gig as a digital marketing assistant.

The Pros and Cons:

Great things happen when you help others and value what you do. Every job has its pros and cons, but there are some aspects of digital marketing assistant jobs that stand out. Digital marketing assistants work alongside creative directors, marketers, and other creatives to develop campaigns, brainstorm creative concepts, and perform research and other tasks to support these functions. A team player who can communicate well with others is more likely to thrive as a digital marketing assistant than someone who works alone or on their own schedule.

Earning Potential, Career Path, and Advancement Opportunities:

Entry-level best digital marketing assistants jobs earn an average annual salary of $45,680. Those with more experience can look forward to earning more—experienced digital marketing assistants earn on average $60,000 per year. After gaining several years’ experience, you can move into an office manager or business development role where your salary will jump to about $70,000 per year. With ten or more years under your belt, you could see your salary reach up to six figures annually. As with most careers in today’s job market, education is key: those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree will see much higher salaries than those who don’t have even an associate’s degree.

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What is Social Media Career Growth?

Social Media Career Growth info:

social media career growth

Social media career growth has become an essential part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, and social media specialists are in high demand. But what about if you want to make your social media career grow? This guide on how to help you will help you with everything from networking. Professionals to find new clients to create a comprehensive business plan that sets the stage for your success. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for years. This guide can provide you with some useful tips on how to help your social media career growth in the long run.

Social Media Marketing Career:

The first step in helping a social media marketing career is determining what type of social media you’re interested in. It may seem obvious, but if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. It’s not going to be something you want to continue doing for very long. So make sure that you pick an area that matches. Your interests and finds some people who work in that area. The best way to do so is by joining professional organizations, taking courses related to your industry. Relevant books on subjects such as customer service, management, or marketing. It may also be useful to take part in internships and volunteer positions. Committing yourself completely so that you can get a better idea of whether it’s something worth pursuing.

Social Media Career Growth Managers:

Most social media managers started out as interns or entry-level employees in another field. If you’re just getting started, an internship is a great way to get some experience and make connections. Search through local classifieds and job boards, or reach out directly to companies you want to work for. Once you have an internship offer on the table, don’t forget that it’s still a real job—make sure you ask lots of questions about how things work and what success looks like. There are plenty of fantastic articles on starting a social media presence; do your research and come prepared with concrete questions about how certain strategies will play out for your business.

Develop your skills:

Many companies have created training courses that will teach employees what they need to know about social media. You may even get a certification in social media from an organization such as Facebook or Hubspot. If you don’t have access to training, you can find free webinars on social media best practices. But remember: it is impossible for someone else to teach you what you need to learn. Nobody has more of a vested interest in learning how social works. Because no one knows how it will affect their job more than you do! Take a little time each day and learn as much as possible about Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other forms of digital communication.

Social media professionals field:

social media career growth professional field

Another great way to build your network is through online networking communities. There are hundreds of thousands of people on LinkedIn alone who are eager and waiting for you, as an up-and-coming professional, to start connecting with them. By reaching out to people in your field or industry, it’s possible that you can get referred to new opportunities or find people willing to give you a referral when one is due (or better yet, ask them directly!). Take time every day (after all, it is the social media professionals field. This will not only allow you access to their network but also let them know that you’re serious about developing a long-term relationship. And remember quality over quantity.

Set goals for where you want to be:

It’s time to set some professional goals. These should be goals that you’re looking to accomplish over, say, a 12-month period. This is important because when you do become a full-time freelance writer, there will be plenty of times when you need motivation and inspiration; why not pull from things that are already working? If a month goes by and you haven’t hit any of these goals, try again for another 12 months—and don’t give up! Your goal might just take longer than expected. But if you’ve met your goal, celebrate it!

Work hard and stay motivated:

Nothing worth doing comes easily. If you want to be a social media specialist, you’ll have to work hard and stay motivated. Getting good at something, even something you love, is never easy. There will be difficult days when you question whether or not it’s all worth it, but don’t give up! And remember: You can’t spend your whole life in school either, so after you get your degree focus on landing an internship and then moving on to a full-time job at a company that lets you use what you learn in real-life situations. The sooner you start getting hands-on experience with social media marketing, the better off you’ll be

Social Media Work Salaries:

social media career growth work salaries

While social media workers are paid hourly for their work, many of them receive additional income from commissions based on new clients and sales. In 2015, social media managers made an average salary of $61,993 per year.

[1] This is a 44% increase in pay since 2013, which shows how quickly social media careers can develop.

[2] These statistics include both individual freelancers and employees of companies with a dedicated social media presence. Entry-level positions begin at around $18 an hour, while more senior jobs can bring in upwards of $90 an hour.

Social Media Career Growth: While experience and training remain important factors in determining your salary as a social-media specialist, many who enter into such careers will see success through continued learning. Social media has changed dramatically over recent years, meaning that even those with a few years of experience may find themselves lacking certain skills

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The Best Social Media Campaigns?

Introduction Best Social Media Campaigns:

Best Social media campaigns

How do you keep the public’s attention on your company and your products? Best Social media campaigns are an excellent way to get people talking about your company, products, and services – but only if they’re done right. These top 10 social media campaigns of all time were some of the most successful. Keeping the public interested in their companies and their products. Note that the more success these companies had with their social media campaigns, the more recent they are; people still talk about these brilliant ideas even now!

SelfieOlympics Best Social Media Campaigns:                          

One of 2014’s largest media campaigns took place in Russia, where thousands gathered at an Olympic Park. Take selfies and upload them to Instagram. Aspiring contestants could post their selfies with special hashtags, which enabled them to participate in Olympics-themed games and win prizes. SelfieOlympics quickly spread worldwide, attracting celebrities and thousands more spectators who cheered on those whose selfies took home gold medals. You can do something similar by creating a hashtag for your campaign and encouraging participants to share photos based on that tag. For example, if you are trying to get people excited about a new product line, you could start My New Product Name or NewProductIsComing; but don’t be surprised if your posts end up all over Twitter!


Best Social media campaigns Greenpeace

Greenpeace one of the important campaigns in best social media campaigns wanted to put an end to oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So they created a social media campaign around their Stop Drilling in Alaska campaign, which reached more than 1 million people within its first 24 hours. On May 6, 2016, one day before a bill was supposed to be voted on by Congress, they delivered 100,000 signatures directly to Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA) who had promised he would vote against it if he received their petition and their video was viewed. It also helped convince President Obama to permanently protect 12 million acres of Alaskan wilderness from drilling.

WWF Best Social Media Campaigns:

The WWF launched a social media campaign with #BeTheNext that allows people to nominate and vote for their favorite nature defenders. Using hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, millions have voted online and offline. People can also use a mobile game to send defenders into battle against poachers in an effort to save elephants. Helping save over 40 000 animals so far. This is one of the best social media campaigns because it encourages users to participate directly in saving animals while it builds brand awareness through some pretty neat technology and digital story. #5SecondFilm: Filmmaker Spike Jonze made fans part of his new movie Her by asking them to create a 5-second film based on specific themes or ideas he provided.

Nestle Kit Kat:

The best social media campaign ever came out of a three-year drought. In January 2013, Nestle partnered with WildAid to launch #Break4Good in Hong Kong and mainland China. The program encourages people to take a break from consuming endangered species products like shark fin soup and rhino horn to snack on Kit Kat bars. For every specially marked Kit Kat wrapper turned in, Nestle donates one yuan (about 16 cents) to fund anti-poaching efforts. That’s $160,000 for conservation efforts—and it’s all thanks to chocolate bars. It’s enough money that there are now anti-poaching rangers patrolling over 40 protected areas in Africa and Asia.

Red Bull Stratos – Mission to the Edge of Space:

In 2012, daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke multiple records during his record-breaking skydive from space. His jump helped launch Red Bull’s Stratos mission and was one of Twitter’s. Watched live videos with more than 1 million tweets sent using RedBullStratos. The stunt garnered a reported 18 billion media impressions and even spurred a collaboration between Red Bull and GoPro to create new camera gear for extreme sports spirit. This social media campaign offered something that few brands can: an opportunity to experience something so extraordinary, it would likely be impossible to convey through other mediums like print or television. Users had to watch it for themselves and share their opinions with friends in real-time.

Dove Evolution on YouTube (Feelings):

This social media campaign takes a creative spin on a traditional product ad. It shows how an everyday woman’s self-image transforms. When she tries out different clothing sizes and poses in front of a full-length mirror. The video also features alternative facts to show that there are not one, but many types of beautiful women in our world. This campaign aims to prove that physical appearance is not everything. It is about being confident with who you are as a person. The key point we want to make is that real beauty comes from within, said Lisa Doyle, global director of brand communications at Unilever.

 Old Spice Man on YouTube:

Best Social media campaigns old spice man

The infamous Old Spice Man campaign, in which a simple man. Captured doing ordinary things like cleaning his floor and reading comments about him on Twitter, spawned endless parodies, and boosted Old Spice’s YouTube views by more than 2,400%. And sales took off as well: In 2010. Old Spice reported that its sales increased fivefold over 2009 as a result of social media. We will certainly remember where we were when we saw our first Old Spice Man parody video. Best social media campaigns ever? Yes! But there are plenty of other great campaigns to consider too. So here they are —the top 10 best social media campaigns of all time. 5. Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Contest: A staple of Super Bowl Sunday is Doritos’ annual Crash the Super Bowl contest, in which fans submit homemade 30-second commercials for a chance to win $100000.

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The Social Media Posting Jobs?

Intro social media posting jobs:

social media posting jobs

Social media posting jobs can be extremely beneficial to your business, whether you’re starting up or already established. The key, however, is picking the right social media platforms to use and posting regularly. High-quality content that’s relevant to your audience. While you could do this on your own. Why not hire an outside company that can take on this task for you? Here are the benefits of social media posting jobs.

What are social media posting jobs:

Social media posting jobs have only been available for a few years. Already made a big splash in social media marketing. Social media posting jobs are exactly what they sound like—jobs. Where you spend your day searching for interesting stories and ideas. You can share with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Although many small businesses still hesitate to utilize social media marketing, there’s evidence that people prefer to hear. Companies through word-of-mouth rather than traditional advertising. This is especially true for younger generations who spend more time on Facebook and other networks. Watching TV or reading magazines or newspapers. It makes sense then that businesses are now hiring people to find valuable information. Which they can then use to post on social networks and hopefully reach an even bigger audience in turn.

Social Media Business :

It depends on what social media platform you are posting on. For example, Facebook allows you to create an account for your business. Account has a limit to how many people can see it. But if you have liked a page or have been invited by another user to post on someone else’s page, you are able to access that page as well. So it is possible for one person (even with limited experience) to reach a huge market through any single social media channel if he or she puts enough time and effort into growing their network. However, some people enjoy using multiple platforms at once in order to increase their chances of reaching people all over the world!

Freelancing Services :

social media posting jobs freelancing services

You can find social media posting jobs on freelancing sites like Upwork and Peopleperhour. These sites will connect you with companies looking for social media experts, as well as businesses that need other digital marketing services. Working with a company through a platform like Upwork gives you more legal protection than working freelance—like if your client refuses to pay or wants more work than originally agreed upon—but platforms like Peopleperhour don’t require any experience or certifications so they are an option if you’re just starting out. Some sites charge a fee (Peopleperhour is free), while others take a cut from your hourly rate once you get paid.

How much can you make doing this job:

A social media posting job is a great way to make money from home. Many companies are looking for extra hands to help with daily postings on various social media platforms. This can be a very flexible opportunity for those who don’t want to commit to one company for an extended period of time, as well as those who want some additional income on top of their regular job. Keep in mind that rates vary based on company and position, but you can make anywhere from $8-20/hour! That means even if you work a few hours per week, you could easily make over $100 per week while staying at home with your family.

How effective is social media for recruitment:

Before social media was so popular, recruiters and job boards relied on newspaper and magazine ads to help spread the word about them. This could mean lots of money for newspapers and magazines, but these days it means lots of competition for recruiter’s dollars. So what’s a company to do? One option is to hire a social media posting service like Help A Reporter Out (HARO). But what are they looking for in that gig? What skills do you need to be a successful contractor on HARO? And how much can you really make doing one-off jobs via HARO? We’ve compiled some facts, figures, and interview tips so you can get started answering these questions yourself.

Employment through social media:

social media posting jobs employment

Job boards resume, and other traditional methods can be difficult for job seekers because of a variety of reasons. A prospective employee may be suffering from issues including unemployment or underemployment; they may live in remote areas with few opportunities, and they may not be able to travel easily to get to available jobs. An individual trying to find a job can increase their chances by using social media instead of more conventional means. Social media is a very important tool that many businesses use on a daily basis; it’s no surprise that some hiring managers also go here in search of new employees. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve already been doing part-time work as a social media posting representative – now you can use these skills for your own benefit!

Disadvantages of using social media:

Although there are plenty of great benefits to using social media, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Here are a few potential drawbacks you should be aware of: You can become disconnected from real relationships as you cultivate online ones. Although technology allows us to stay connected at all times, sometimes it’s healthy to turn off our phones and connect with people face-to-face instead. Use social media responsibly. Overusing social media has been linked to sleep issues, poor body image, and feelings of loneliness and isolation. Try disconnecting from social media for a day or two so that you can connect with friends in person rather than typing into a computer screen when you’re hanging out with them.

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The New Social Media Platforms of 2022?

Introduction to new social media platforms:

new social media platforms

The social media platforms of today will look vastly different in the next 10 years. It’s important to keep up with new social media platforms, as they’re replacing old ones faster than ever before. Before you can start using the best new social media platforms, though, you need to learn about them first! In this article, we cover some of the most promising new social media platforms to watch over the next five years. Why each will succeed or fail based on the needs of its users.

What are these platforms:

A new report on social media in 2018 points out that, by 2020. Snapchat will be one of Instagram’s biggest competitors. This is due in part to three features. Live video streaming and disappearing photos/videos—which are similar to Instagram—and Snapcash, a payment option for users who send each other money through text messages. In addition, MySpace is making a comeback; It’s also important to note that Facebook Messenger has become a dominant tool for users worldwide; 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month as an alternative way of interacting with friends and family.

How do they compare to current social media platforms:

Traditional social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, will begin losing traction over a slow period of time until they are replaced by these six new social media platforms. The reasons behind their eventual demise are as follows: Facebook has allowed companies and individuals to make it seem like we have dozens or even hundreds of friends online. We’ve allowed ourselves to forget that we don’t actually know these people in real life. If you use Facebook regularly, have you met everyone on your friend list? Do you communicate with them outside of Facebook? Once it does, users will flock to it in droves.

Flocking to new sites:

new social media platforms from old to new

 Once users do flock to a new site, it will allow them to build genuine relationships again because there won’t be any corporate interference. In addition, people want their content out there for all eyes to see (even if those eyes aren’t necessarily people they know). They want complete control over who sees what content; The more platforms there are out there competing for our attention and our eyeballs (think Google+), the more quickly we realize how meaningless most of our interactions really are.

Who’s using these platforms:

Unlike today’s social networks, which are typically frequented by individuals, most people will use these platforms as a part of their regular jobs. Businesses won’t just be expected to interact with customers and employees on these sites—they’ll also work to engage investors, vendors, and other stakeholders. Just like your Google+ profile or Facebook Page (if you still have one), these profiles will become great ways for business leaders to establish credibility and show off their accomplishments. In fact, one might have taken hold by then.

Why should you care:

If you’re looking for a new way to expand your social media reach, whether professionally or personally, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched five up-and-coming platforms that have yet to break into mainstream consciousness—that may surprise you—but are rapidly building followings. In fact, in some cases, these platforms boast a user base that rivals that of Facebook and Twitter. So before one catches on and all your friends are using it… you should be too! Read on to learn more about each platform and how they can help you build an online presence. And if you don’t see your favorite network here? Check back next year – we’ll update you as soon as we know about them. Social Network Name: Number of Active Users: How It Works

What will they look like in 5 years:

What do you think social media will look like in 5 years? I, for one, can’t imagine life without Twitter or Facebook— but that doesn’t mean they won’t change. The best way to stay ahead of social media trends is to be a part of them; here are a few new social media platforms you should join right now. They might not be as popular in five years, but who knows? Once users do flock to a new site, it will allow them to build genuine relationships again because there won’t be any corporate interference. In addition, people want their content out there for all eyes to see (even if those eyes aren’t necessarily people they know). They want complete control over who sees what content.

Where can I get involved:

new social media platforms Involved

It’s never too early to start building your presence and learn about new platforms. If you want to get in on a network before it launches. Create a private profile and join (or request) an invitation. Once you have access, though, remember that all activities are public – so only put out positive content! Instead of being seen as an insider who helped build something great from its inception. You might find yourself with a reputation as someone who ruins great things by leaking information or picking fights with key stakeholders. Don’t give anyone ammunition to use against you.

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The Disadvantages Of Social Media?

Introduction Disadvantages Of Social Media:

Disadvantages Of Social Media

While social media has some huge advantages, there are also some serious disadvantages of social media. Come along with these platforms as well. The great thing about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Allow you to stay connected with all of your friends and family. No matter where they stream videos with them in real-time and talk to them with voice messages or text messaging. This makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on the news or share vacation photos and videos after you’ve returned home from your trip. There’s never enough time: Time seems like it goes by faster day by day.

Notifications can be distracting Disadvantages Of Social Media:

Constant notifications and pings from social media apps can be very distracting. When you’re trying to get work done, constant notifications are a huge pain. There are ways to control notifications on most social media platforms. Requires that you spend some time going through your settings and tinkering with things. Your brain probably isn’t programmed to be constantly thinking about your phone, so removing yourself from that distraction is one benefit of minimizing your use of social media while working. You might even find yourself more productive by removing those distractions when you’re trying to focus! If you do choose to leave notifications enabled, at least turn off all push notifications for each app—they’ll still pop up on your screen but won’t make noise or vibrate.

We spend too much time on our phones:

The average American spends 3 hours and 20 minutes a day on their phone. If you think that time is well spent, consider how much more productive you could be if you only spent half an hour on your phone each day. You’d have time to cook a healthy meal and relax with family and friends over a nice dinner. The benefits are even greater for teens who spend an average of 5 hours per day on their phones. Don’t lose out on having real conversations because your thumbs were tapping away at your smartphone. It’s not worth it! Turn off notifications or set aside specific times during your day to check social media. And if you really want to kick your habit, try setting aside a week where you don’t use any social media apps.

Social media affects relationships

Disadvantages of social media affects Relationship

disadvantages of social media, the most common is that it affects our relationships. You’ve probably heard about how social media affects our relationships. It’s no secret that spending time on Facebook or Twitter. Make it harder to spend time with friends and family. But research is now proving that social media makes us happier, more connected, and more productive. Connecting with people online (in a healthy way) leads to improved self-esteem, better mental health, and an increase in our ability to empathize with others. That isn’t to say you should take your relationships offline—research shows that face-to-face interaction is crucial for strong relationships—but social media isn’t always bad for you. How

You’re less productive when you use your phone instead of focusing:

People who frequently use social media claim that it has a negative impact on their personal relationships and hobbies. However, some people also say that it’s improved their communication with friends and family. So, is social media good or bad? The answer seems to depend on your perspective. If you value in-person time with friends and family, then you might be better off skipping social media altogether. But if you rely on online interaction to stay connected with loved ones. Embracing social media might be worth considering! There are so many benefits of social media, such as more exposure for your business; sharing new ideas; gaining followers; communicating more easily with customers, and reaching out to other businesses for support.

Less creativity

A common concern about social media is that it might be destroying our creativity which is also a part of the disadvantages of social media. I’ve never really bought into that argument, but even if you do, there are plenty of benefits to using social media. You can share a variety of creative content and let people know when you have something new, which has been shown to increase engagement and drive traffic. And if you’re concerned about overdoing it on Instagram? A study by researchers at Stanford University found that posting more frequently than once a day resulted in smaller—not larger—followings, so find a balance between sharing too much and sharing too little. If you want to learn more about how to use social media for your business, check out our guide on How To Use Social Media For Your Business.

Social media interferes with hobbies and non-work activities

A Pew Research study found that over half of adults 18-29 years old check their social media accounts daily (including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. As a result, they have less time to pursue hobbies and other activities outside work. Specifically, 15% say that using social media has caused them to spend less time on personal interests or hobbies. For example, 40% said that it causes them to pay less attention to what their family members are doing. Another 26% say that it interferes with their sleep. The benefits of social media may be outweighed by its negative effects on our lives. Those who see no benefit from social media still use it. According to another Pew Research survey, 56% of people who do not see any benefits from social media use these sites at least once a day.

A lack of face-to-face communication

Disadvantages of social media face to face communication

One of the benefits of social media is that it can make communication easier, especially in a world where people are moving further and further away from each other. If you live far away from your family, for example, you might use social media to keep in touch with them regularly—posting pictures or talking on Skype. This can help you avoid long periods without contact and make sure you don’t forget about loved ones. Of course, such communication doesn’t replace personal interactions—nothing can—but it can provide a unique opportunity to stay close to those who are far away. This makes sense given how ubiquitous these platforms have become in recent years.

Thanks for reading the article.

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What is Truth Social Media Platform?

Truth Social Media Platform:

Truth Social Media Platform

What makes Truth Social Media Platform unique? How does it differ from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Truth Social Media Platform can be described as the Facebook of truth or the new age Facebook – but with some major differences in philosophy. This article breaks down these differences so that you can decide whether Truth Social Media Platform might be right for you and your needs.

How Truth Social Media Platform:

Truth Social Media Platform that allows users to record and share real videos, unedited, in real-time. Truth aims to give more power to newsmakers by giving them an unfiltered voice; when video content can be captured easily on mobile devices, it makes sense for those people involved in developing newsworthy stories to have their own platform. Video journalists are often restrained from reporting what’s really happening on-scene due to restrictions regarding how they should frame stories—but with Truth, you’ll never have to worry about things being cut out or biased analysis because each video comes straight from its maker. As a result of creating such an unedited experience for viewers, Truth hopes its videos will feel raw and genuine. It’s important to note that Truth doesn’t just allow anyone to post whatever they want: all users must go through a review process before posting.

How It WorksTruth Social Media Platform:

People gather around and discuss what they perceive as truth. It utilizes a blockchain network that serves as a distributed ledger for users of Truth to write and submit essays for others to judge. The more upvotes an essay receives, the more Truth tokens it earns from successful voting from its viewers. From there, someone can cash out their Truth tokens or use them to promote their content through advertising on another social media platform of their choice. Truth aims to provide a community-driven experience in which everyone’s voice has equal weight. There’s no central authority controlling Truth—it’s decentralized by design. Its creators believe a truly democratic system like theirs will be able to bring about greater harmony than we see in today’s polarized society.

How To Earn:

Truth Social Media Platform Earn money

Truth encourages users to earn money by completing tasks and surveys. Some of these tasks include watching advertisements, downloading apps, signing up for newsletters, and so on. This translates into fewer marketing costs. In turn, they reward you with money! When you have enough saved up, you can redeem it for cash or gift cards. There are also other ways to make money through Truth besides these basic tools. For example, you can be an affiliate marketer or even an advertiser! If you think about it, we all have time that we waste. We watch TV, check our social media accounts (which takes a lot of time), and more. Truth capitalizes on that wasted time by rewarding us for it!

What is truth in social Media:

Google employee and entrepreneur. The social network seeks to bring back trust in people using AI and machine learning. One of its key features will be an anti-fraud verification system for journalists and bloggers, which will attempt to verify their credentials before allowing them to post articles online. This system will initially roll out in China before being expanded globally later on. Truth also plans to add a feature that allows users to rate news sources as trustworthy or not. If enough users mark a news source as untrustworthy, it will be listed as such on Truth’s website and app. Truth has not yet been launched but there are plans for it to launch in 2018. At present, it is still undergoing beta testing with approximately 10,000 testers from all over the world participating in it. It has already raised $100 million from investors.

Truth Social Media Platform Network Stock:

Truth Social Media Platform Network

Truth social network allows you to share your content and make money. You can use Truth’s social network to purchase products from bloggers or companies that sell wholesale items. When it comes down to it, there are so many different ways you can use Truth social media platform, whether you’re trying to start your own business or just looking for a way to supplement your income. Truth social network might be able to help you reach your goals sooner than you think! Truth social stock: Truth social network allows you to share your content and make money. You can use Truth’s social network to purchase products from bloggers or companies that sell wholesale items. When it comes down to it, there are so many different ways you can use Truth’s social media platform.

Who Runs Truth Social?

Truth’s social media platform is owned by Truth Capital. This company specializes in truth verification, or, to put it another way, trying to get a handle on how social media manipulates public opinion. Truth capital also publishes magazines and runs conferences focused on truth verification and privacy issues, including data protection and personal information rights. The group has been in operation since 2007 and has affiliates around Europe (although based in Ireland) as well as in Argentina. There are two founders: Paul Cappuccio who focuses on the financial aspects of Truth Capital, and Bill Ottman who serves as CEO of Truth Network. How Does Truth Work?: In essence, Truth is an ad-free alternative to Facebook that allows users to opt-out of behavioral tracking and advertising. Users can post status updates, images, videos, and even live streams for others to see.

Truth Social website:

A new Truth Social Media Platform that empowers communities to build and contribute content, based on direct economic benefits. It’s open-source and you can see the truth social. Also, I think it’s necessary to say something about democratic economies in general, their success so far, and their limitations. How will all these things fit together? What will be our differentiators against other similar projects? How are we going to make money out of it while still being a non-profit project with no ads or anything like that? Why do people need us/what problem are we solving for them? What makes us unique compared to other similar projects etc. The answer can be very short – a couple of sentences – but I want your opinion on these points. If possible please add some links too if you have any references or ideas for resources or examples! Thanks! 🙂